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Throughout the Kingdoms there are things to find, monsters to slay and items to scout for. These are some, but not all, of the quests currently available for young and old adventurers to undertake.

Beginner's Quests

All-path Quests

Nagnang Quests

Each Path has a quest in Nagnang. Before you begin, make sure you have Freed the Leviathans.

Item Quests

Armour Quests

You must be Blessed by the stars to start these

Rogue Celestial

Poet Celestial

Mage Celestial

Warrior Celestial

Shield and Wind Armour Quests

  • Shield quest -- Must have completed relevent Nagnang Quest
  • Wind quest -- Must have completed relevent Moon Celestial Quest

Mythic Alliances

Lesser Alliances

Greater Alliances

Advanced Quests

The Sans