Nagnang Dagger quest

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Taken from the Buya Rogue's Guild Board. Posted by Melayle.

Requirements: Stardrop (can only be held by registered users only)

1. First you must reach Rogue Dagger, the Rogue Elder of Nagnang. He looks like a ninja, and the guild can be found by gating to West gate and walking south, you'll eventually see the guild.

2. Click on Dagger, he will not respond because he lacks interest in you, click him one more time and you will annoy him so he calls 3 of his assassins to kill you. Beware, they are strong and can kill you easely. If you are a lower level than 99, then just run away from them and they will eventually get tired and disappear back in the shade.

3. After the assassin part, click Dagger again. Dagger will think that you are very brave or just foolish. Now click the 'Blue Rooster' section and Dagger orders you to see a Blue Rooster. You just have to click on the Blue Rooster that is all, it can be found wandering around Buya mostly.

4. Click on Dagger again, Dagger wants you to steal something, yes we rogues are good at now aren't we? Head to Maro ( kugnae ) himself and steal a Silver acorn from his side pocket.

5. Now as you walk with the theft accomplishment, a raven will fly to you and snitch the acorn away, curse that bird! Head to Dae Shore's upper right land. You will find the bird there.

Click on the raven, it seems that the raven is actually a kid turned into the black bird. He will tell you the story why he was turned into a raven. After you listen to his whole story, get yourself a Stardrop, head back to the raven, and click on him. The Stardrop will turn him back into a boy and he will return the Silver acorn back to you.

6. Click on Dagger again, oh oh! Dagger wants you to frame Elder Maro ( kugnae ) by giving Elder Maso ( buya ) a Maso scroll that Dagger gives you. Sadly go do as he says.

7. Click on Dagger one last time. Dagger is impressed and grants you a sacred robe spell, Dagger uniform.

Enjoy your new morph, you will need it to receive a shield.

~Ssjxrouge, Drunken God