Minor Quests

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Starting a Minor Quest

To begin a Minor Quest, go to your Guildmaster and say "Quest". He will then ask you to slay a creature for him. These are randomly selected.

While you are on the quest your legend will bear a mark: "On a quest to slay the Creature's Name"

After you kill the creature return to him and say "Complete" to receive your reward of: experience (amount varies depending on level and mark), an updated legend mark ("Has completed X number of Minor Quests"), and sometimes a boost to your Karma.

Note: Do not kill any other creature after the one necessary for your quest, until you complete it.

If you can't kill the creature you are sent to kill, or don't want to kill him for whatever reason, you can say "Quest" again and your Guildmaster will ask you if you wish to be absolved of your current quest. Example: You are sent on a quest to slay Gim Yi, but it's just too hard to fall in the Iron Lab.

You must wait 24 real life hours after completing a minor quest to begin another. If you choose to be absolved of your quest you must also wait a period of time. I'm not positive, but I believe it is a little longer than if you complete it.

Minor Quest Creatures & Locations

Creature Cave Coordinates
Big bat Buya Rat Cave (0016, 0078)
Big rat Buya or Kugnae Rat Cave Buya(0016,0078) Kugnae(0047,0112)
Black skeleton Vale Skeleton Cave (0169, 0077)
Blood mantis Kugnae Rabbit Cave (O195,0140)
Blood tick Buya Rabbit Cave (0112,0126)
Blood wolf Wilderness (N/A)
Dark buck Buya Rabbit Cave (0112,0126)
Death Wish Vale Polar Bear Cave (0112,0161)
Deer (Buck) Buya or Kugnae (N/A)
Fierce mouse Kugnae Rat Cave (0047,0112)
Giant iron tiger Wilderness Iron Labyrinth/Gim Yi's Den (0055,0169)
Giant mantis Kugnae Rabbit Cave (0195,0140)
Giant scorpion Kugnae Spider Cave (0079,0035)
Giant spider Kugnae Spider Cave (0079,0035)
Gim Yi Wilderness Iron Labyrinth/Gim Yi's Den (0055, 0169)
Golden lobster Wilderness Lobster Cave (0074,0001)
Green squirrel Leviathan Area South of Nagnang (N/A)
Horse Northwest corner of Kugnae or Buya (N/A)
Iron tiger Wilderness Iron Labyrinth (0055,0169)
Island lobster Hausson (N/A)
Large centipede Buya Rat Cave (0016, 0078)
Lava fox Buya Fox Cave (0124, 0144)
Lightning wolf Buya Fox Cave (0124, 0144)
Lobster Vale (0065, 0080)
Massive scorpion Kugnae Spider Cave (0079, 0035)
Mud bull Kugnae Snake Cave (0079, 0035)
Mythic dog Any dog in Mythic Dog (0018,0021)
Mythic dragon Any dragon in Mythic Dragon (0030,0018)
Mythic horse Any horse in Mythic Horse (0016,0047)
Mythic monkey Any monkey in Mythic Monkey (0043,0047)
Mythic ox Any ox in Mythic Ox (0029,0044)
Mythic pig Any pig in Mythic Pig (0018,0038)
Mythic rabbit Any rabbit in Mythic Rabbit (0050,0011)
Mythic rat Any rat in Mythic Rat (0009,0011)
Mythic rooster Any rooster in Mythic Rooster (0048,0029)
Mythic sheep Any sheep in Mythic Sheep (0041,0038)
Mythic snake Any snake in Mythic Snake
Mythic tiger Any Tiger in Mythic Tiger (0010,0028)
Pale scorpion Kugnae Spider Cave (0079,0035)
Pale zombie Kugnae Haunted House/1st Outer Room (0033,0062)
Polar bear Vale Polar Bear Cave (0112,0161)
Radiant spider Kugnae Spider Cave (0079,0035)
Rat Buya or Kugnae Rat Cave Buya(0016,0078) Kugnae(0047,0112)
Ravenous bird Kugnae Rabbit Cave (0195,0140)
Red hare Kugnae Rabbit Cave (0195,0140)
Rock lobster Wilderness Lobster Cave (0074,0001)
Sand lobster Wilderness Lobster Cave (0074,0001)
Seki Buya Sute Cave (0103,0023)
Skeleton ja Vale Skeleton Cave (0169,0077)
Skeleton je Vale Skeleton Cave (0169,0077)
Skeleton ji Vale Skeleton Cave (0169,0077)
Skeleton sa Vale Skeleton Cave (0169,0077)
Snow beast Vale Polar Bear Cave (0112,0161)
Stone ogre Islets (0075,0125)
Sun fox Buya or Kugnae Fox Cave Buya(0124,0144) Kugnae(0019,0164)
Tiger Islets (0068,0033)
Trapdoor spider Kugnae Spider Cave (0079,0035)
Warthog Kugnae Snake Cave (0199,0069)
White wolf Buya Fox Cave (0124,0144)
Wicked ghost Buya Haunted House (0009,0065)
Witch Kugnae Haunted House/Inner Rooms (0009,0065)
Witch shaman Kugnae Haunted House/Inner Rooms (0033,0062)
Yachi Buya Sute Cave (0103,0023)