Rogue Moon quest

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  • 2 Whisper bracelets
  • 2 Steelthorns
  • 15,000 coins
  • 10 Dark ambers
  • 1 Lucky coin
  • 50 Ambers
  • Star waistcoat/blouse
  • White moon axe

Quest Details

  • they will 1st order you to go slay the Dog Item boss. Do not slay anything on the way back
  • next they will ask for 2 Whisper bracelets, 2 Steelthorns, 15,000 coins, 10 Dark ambers, 1 Lucky coin, and 50 Ambers. all items must be 100% dura.
  • he will then ask for a WMA White Moon Axe quest, this can be done 3 times in a rogues life, between levels 70 and 80, 80 and 90, and above 90. if you don't have one and can;t do the quest again, you can simply buy one. doesn't matter if it's already bonded. after you have given it to the guildmaster, it will then be bonded to you.
  • He will then ask for your bonded Star wasitcoat/blouse, if you have lost it you can simply use anyone elses bonded or unbonded star waistcoat/blouse, he will take it off you and also take 2 points of grace(stat point) and 2 points of karma.

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