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Map of Nagnang (circa Hyul 1)


From Main map or through Southern Koguryo.


Crafting Areas

Clan halls

The current Primogen of the Forsaken is Conro.

The current Primogen of Pegasus is Drywater.

The current Primogen of Silla is Brittannia.

The current Primogen of Alizarin is Crystalice.

The current Primogen of K'urimja is Rubicant.

The current Primogen of the Covenant is Marulek.

The current Primogen of Viper is Hitoshura.

The Legion

Following Prince Kija's death, the Legion of Nagnang was disbanded and the Covenant rose as a new clan of Nagnang. Due to no royal family to protect, the Gods felt there was no need for an army to remain in Nagnang. Current protection of the land falls under the entire Tribunal and the clans' militias.


The Kingdom of Nagnang is currently ruled by the Tribunal of Nagnang with the assistance of the Sage of Nagnang. This change to leadership occurred after the untimely death of Prince Kija during a national defenders ceremony. A new royal figure has yet to been discovered, nor has a new line been established.

The first Nagnang Ministry was under the command of Minister Borfshwitz. At this point, Prime Minister was not an official title recognized by the Gods in Nagnang. The Nagnang Ministry was not at official status until the end of Prime Minister Nayuki's reign. There was a large gap of time between Borfshwitz and Nayuki. Borfshwitz, however, is still recognized as Nagnang's first minister.

Upon Prime Minister JooEun's departure and Asuza's reascension, the title of "Prime Minister" was changed to "Chancellor".

The position of Chancellor was held by Elyra for a many years, which was then passed on to Vinbarton when Elyra became the Speaker of the Tribunal shortly after Prince Kija's death. Since then, Elyra has left the Kingdoms after the restructuring of the Tribunal.

During Vinbarton's time as Chancellor, the Nagnang Ministry was renamed to the Eternal Order of Nagnang and the position of "Chancellor" was changed to "Sage of Nagnang". Yet, Vinbarton was not able to remain in the lands for long after all the changes occurred. Upon leaving, he appointed Maril as the newest "Sage of Nagnang"

The current members of the Ministry are as follows:



Hunting areas

Area Location Prerequisites
Leviathan fields 0133 0155
Dark forest 0077 0000
Woodlands 0001 0112


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