Warrior Sun quest

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How to Begin

Simply talk to (click on) your Guild master.


  • To begin this quest, you must have won at least 2 carnages. (Note : Your Guildmaster will not ask you for these wins until after Step 5 but its best and easy it complete it beforehand.)
  • Your guildmaster will ask for you to kill 60 Frost ogres and 60 Ice ogres, which can be found within the deep confines of the Northern ogre cave.
  • Now you will be asked to bring the following items : 20 White Ambers, 2 Titanium gloves, 2 Corrupted blades, and 4 Electras. A portion of these items may be returned to you.
  • Now you are instructed to kill 200 Rabbits and nothing else. Be sure to not accidentally kill a squirrel along the way. Killing 200 rabbits sounds easy enough but its agonizing if you accidentally kill the passing by cat.
  • Be careful not to click next too soon. After you killed the rabbits and returned to your guildmaster, read his instruction properly. Cancel the screen when he said to bring 14 gold acorn. The previous step and this step is all in one dialogue box. Now you must kill at least 200 squirrels and obtain 14 Gold acorns. You can just as easily buy the 14 gold acorns, but you must have killed at least 200 squirrels prior to this. Like the bunnies, be sure not to accidentally kill other creatures or you will have to start from 1. To ensure success, hand in the gold acorn to the squirrels and then kill it.
  • He now instructs you to kill both the item and key boss of your current Mythic Monkey Cave.
  • For your final step he will ask for a Moon Scale Mail/Mail Dress (Depending on your sex). Any moon scale mail/mail dress will do, whether it's bonded to someone else, your bonded one, or even a nonbonded one. He will also ask for 20,000 coins, (3) points of Might, (2) points of Grace, (2) points of Will, and (3) points of Karma to complete your quest.

Items Lost to Sacrifice

Stats/Karma Lost to Sacrifice

  • (3) Might
  • (2) Grace
  • (2) Will
  • (3) Karma