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Quest Details


You MUST complete the relevant Nagnang Quest before you can access all items with the below quest:

NB If you can get someone to make the Twine and lockpick for you who's already completed the quest you can save yourself some walking.

The Quest

1) Find Baek. Ask him about a Compass to help you find your way through the Dark forest (Baek shop is the scroll shop in the north west corner of Kugnae).

2) Tell him you wish to find Nagnag

3) Give Baek a Soup bowl and 1 Fine metal (Say Nagnag again when you return to him), he will give you 10 Compasses in return. (Note: You can hold a total of 20 at a time. If you have bad luck with quests and not following directions, I suggest you pick up 20 at this point)

4) Gather your supplies to make a lantern (1 White paper, 1 Ginko wood, 1 Beef, 1 Hot coal) and head to the Dark Forest. (NOTE: It is also extremely wise to make a lockpick NOW rather than once you've been through the sewers and fark forest a few times... Steps 17-20 explain how.)-Safda

5) To find your way through the forest you will need to use a compass in every room you're in. It's dark in here.. so this is a good place to equip your lantern. Make sure you go in the direction that the compass tells you to go in each room. (There is no need to use your lanturn here as you can still see, however later in the sewers there is no light what so ever and you will really need the lanturn, so don't let it burn out before you get there...)

6) You will emerge from the Forest to a farm. Here you will look for Majhum, a Zibongesque ghost who likes to wander around the farm (he may need to spawn). Tap him with your little grey bird. He will tell you... nothing! You don't know how to speak to ghosts.

7) Leave the Dark Forest and talk to Dusk Shaman who is located at 43,91 in Kugnae. Ask her about Majhum, the friendly ghost from the farm who you couldn't understand. She just so happens to be his cousin and will teach you how to understand him.

8) Return to the Dark Forest (aren't you happy I told you to get all of those compasses? You may need to pick up more in the future though.. keep that in mind) and return to the Ghost on the Valley farm. Tap Majhum with your little grey bird again. He will ramble on for a bit until you realize you're stuck where you are when he's done speaking. (Note: If you tell him that Dusk said hello, you will get a small amount of Karma) (If you say "Dusk" at this point, you recieve a whole point of Karma, don't miss it.)-Safda

9) Ask Majhum about a bridge. He will tell you to make some stilts and how to make them.

10) Gather 10 pieces of Wool and 10 pieces of Ginko wood. Take them to the weaver in the Wilderness (45,30). Ask her about Twine two times. She will take the wool and give you some twine.

11) Get more compasses.. you'll need them to return through the Dark Forest YET again with your load of Ginko wood. Find the Ghost and ask him about the "bridge" again. He will give you some lovely stilts.

12) Use the stilts to cross the water. To do this, simply walk up to the water at the northern part of the farm on the western side of the hut.

13) After crossing the water you will find you still have to endure further suffering. The gate seems to be locked. Travel eastward around the outside of the Palace courtyard and cross the little bridge to Benitnath's Island. Enter his hut and tap on him with your little grey bird.

14) Benitnath will tell you that the sewers are the only way into the Palace. Ask him about the "sewers" and equip your lantern once again. If your old one burned out by this point.. you will have to make a new one because it is pitch black inside the stinky sewage pit.

15) Blindly fight off swarms of rats and snakes that live in the sewers to find your way through. Or.. if you don't like that option.. find these coordinates and you will find the sweet light at the end of the tunnel after traveling through many rooms: From the first room:

1. 0028, 0017
2. 0010, 0003
3. 0007, 0008
4. 0014, 0016
5. 0013, 0018
6. 0005, 0002
7. 0021, 0002
8. 0002, 0001
9. 0016, 0023
10. 0022, 0027
11. 0005, 0028
12. 0003, 0009
13. 0003, 0002
14. 0006, 0015

16) Success! I can see the light of day again!! You have now entered the courtyard of Nagnag. There is a small building nearby with an open door. Head inside and say "Hi" (or "Hello") to the friendly man. Then ask him about a "lockpick". He will tell you that you need a lockpick to get into the Palace. To get the lockpick you must.. you guessed it.. return to town!

17) Leave the area (sadly) once again and head to Maso (the Buyan Rogue guild teacher). (NOTE: You can do steps 17-20 BEFORE you even start the quest or get any compasses etc.)-Safda

18) Speak with Maso. Ask him about a "lockpick". He will tell you what you need to create one.

19) Leave the Rogue guild in search of wood scraps. The best way to get these is to ask your fellow clan members who are carpenters or to go to Splinters house in the wilderness. Get a few pieces of the wood scraps and grab a fine steel dagger and return to the Rogue Guild.

20) Ask Maso to make you a "Lockpick". He'll take all of your wood scraps and your dagger and make you a pretty red key looking thing.

21) Now it's time to return to the Palace! Grab your lantern.. AND if you don't wish to return through the entire forest and sewer again.. bring the items you need to create your runes or shield.

22) Take your lockpick and all of your items back through the sewers and return to the little hut in the courtyard. Walk up to the safe and say "Hello" to it. You will discover you can't help the man stuck inside. Leave the hut and go eastward in the courtyard.

23) Upon reaching the eastern gateway your lockpick will suddenly work (don't you wish it did outside, so you didn't have to walk through the sewers again?). Walk north along the top wall of the courtyard past all the mean mercenary men until you find the hole to exit into the flower pot in the courtyard of Nagnag's palace (on the right side of the locked wall).

24) Walk around the courtyard until you make your way to the building and enter the Palace.

25) Now you're in the Great hall of the palace, Head through the appropriate doorway for your path:
Poets: North Western Door (You just walk straight up once inside the hall.)-Safda
Warrior: South Western Door(You just walk directly screen left once inside the hall.)-Safda
Mage: South Eastern Door
Rogue: North Eastern Door

20) Follow your way through all of the stairs/rooms and evil mercenaries and you will find yourself in a room with just a lonely man. Tap him with your grey bird, listen to his story and get your lovely items. And that's it! Yes.. you can soak your poor tired feet in some hot water.. you're going to need it.

Quest Items Awarded

Rogue_Shields | Rogue_hand_items
Warrior_Shields | Warrior_hand_items
Poet_Shields | Poet_hand_items
Mage_Shields | Mage_hand_items