Il San

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Il San is the first mark of power in Nexus.

Il San Quest

  • Either 160,000 vitality or 80,000 mana is required to begin this quest.
  • The following trials must be passed in order to attain Il San:
    • The First Trial of Knowledge - Sacrifice 1,200,000 (1.2 Billion) experience to Bon-Hwa.
    • The First Trial of Strength - Kill the Spirit Rat.
    • The First Trial of Wealth - Sacrifice 600,000 (Six hundred thousand) coins and 5 Well-crafted White Ambers to Bon-Hwa.

Additional Information

  • Il San allows the learning of new spells, a path specific title of "Il San", and enchantment of items and weapons either forged or created at the Forever tree.
  • Once completed, you can increase your specific stats (will, grace, or might) dependent on your path at the cost of 100m for main stat or 150m for support stat per unit at Bon-Hwa.
  • A mark appears on your legend and one dot appears by your name on the Heroes list.