Throwing axe quest

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No walkthrough or hints will be given for this quest, in accordance with the Barbarian's wishes. The following is a note from the Barbarians, with all of the information you will need to know:

~Throws a Scroll up on the Wall and pins it with an Axe~

I would like to make known the Horde has introduced a new challenge to the community. This quest is no easy task. It is do-able by even the the youngest of players ((Level 25ish)) but will take considerable time and effort from most everyone taking part in the quest.

I won't discuss exactly what the reward is, but will say it is well worth the effort.

This quest is a community quest, it is meant not only for us to complete, but for everyone else as well. In order to maintain the integrity of our quest, I will ask that people ((and Websites)) refrain from posting walkthroughs of our quest and ruin the experience and challenge for others. I will also say that people ((and those running Websites)) that post walkthroughs will also find our quest much more difficult to complete, and I'm not just saying that either. I am aware that some will ignore my warning and post walkthroughs of the quest anyhow, and those people will deal with the consequences.

However, to assist you with our quest, I will give you a couple of clues so you know where to start. Both Clues are about the person who begins the quest.

1. If you have captured the winds, you have done a favor for this person before.

2. If you have attained any mark (Il, Ee, Sam) you have seen or heard the word this person wishes to hear from you.

I wish all who take upon themselves the endeavor of our quest good luck. I wish you success from your effort, your blood, sweat, and tears, and not those of someone else.

One last warning, our quest is highly competitive, you will be fighting each other often and those with greater endurance and skill will likely finish this quest before others.

With regards,

The Horde


The Merciless