Rogue Star quest

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Quest Details

  • The guildmaster will order you to slay 2 Slime ogres or 2 Muck ogres. They can be found in the top right cave of Hamgyong Nam Do. Make sure they are the last creatures you slay before returning.
  • Report back to your guildmaster to advance. Click on him again -- 'Rogue's Star 2' should now be available. For this step you must sacrifice 2 Whisper bracelets. Make sure they are at 100% durability and not equipped.
  • Next, click 'Rogue's Star 3'. You will be asked for a Steelthorn. Make sure this is at 100% durability as well.
  • Finally, click 'Rogue's Star 4'. The guildmaster will ask for 1 grace and 1 point of Karma to see if you are worthy.

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