Warrior Star quest

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How to Begin

Say "Star" to Kugnae or Buya Warrior guighldmaster


  • Your guildmaster will instruct you to kill 18 Agile monkeys which can be found in Mythic Monkey 2. The name of the creature changes with each level. If you are Monkey 3 they will be called Fast monkeys. In Monkey 1, they're called Spry monkeys.
  • Next, your guildmaster will require you to bring him two Titanium gloves. He will take them from you.
  • The guildmaster will then ask for an Electra. He will take this from you also.
  • The guildmaster asks for a point of Might and a point of Karma to complete your quest.

Items Lost to Sacrifice

Stats/Karma Lost to Sacrifice

  • 1 point of Might [Step 4]
  • 1 point of Karma [Step 4]


  • A legend mark showing you've completed the quest.
  • Your bonded Star scale mail.
  • The ability to move on to Warrior Moon Quest.