Warrior Moon quest

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How to Begin

Simply talk to (click on) your Guild master.


  • Your guildmaster instructs you to kill a Glowing Pig Boss (Item Boss) which can be found within the Mythic Pig Cave.
  • He will now instruct you to kill 30 crazed mongrels which can be found in Mythic Dog Level 2. If you are Dog 3, you will have to kill Frothing Mutts instead.
  • He now needs you to kill 20 Grim Ogre which can be found in the Top left cave in Hamgyong Nam-do as well as bring him 20 amber.
  • He will now ask for 3 Electras and a Titanium glove, which he will take from you. He will also take (2) points of Might and (1) point of Grace.
  • For your final step he will ask for a Star Scale Mail/Mail Dress (Depending on your sex). Any star scale mail/mail dress will do, whether it's bonded to someone else, your bonded one, or even a nonbonded one. He will also ask for (2) points of Karma.

Items Lost to Sacrifice

Stats/Karma Lost to Sacrifice

  • (1) Grace
  • (2) Might
  • (2) Karma