White Moon Axe quest

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(direct copy from buya rogue's guild board which is freely available to all for reading) (credit for this should goto the orginal poster, melalye who was rogue tutor when this was posted)

        The White Moon Axe...
        A magnificent weapon granted to us by Elder Maso ( Buya )
        Only given to rogues with enough courage summoned to face
        death itself.


- Level 70
- 20,000 coins

1. Go to Elder Maso of Buya, and say outloud 'Moon'. He will tell you about his past and the White moon axe.

2. Say 'Moon' outloud again, Maso this time wants you to prove him how brave you are by slaying 5 Pale Scorpions which can you can find in the Kugnae Spider Cave. So slay all 5 and return witouth killing anything else.

3. Once again, say 'Moon' outloud. Maso wants you to meet death itself, Skeleton Ju, and slay it with all spunk summoned inside you. You can tell Ju apart from the rest of the skeletons by his color, It is red like blood from the deep parts of the underworld itself. Ju can be found deep inside the Kugnae Haunted House. Make sure Ju is the last thing you slay when returning to Maso.

4. Say 'Moon' 1 more last time, Maso will ask for you to give him 20,000 coins ( hehe yes even the elder is a little money hungry ). Upon giving him the money, you will recieve the White Moon Axe.

Enjoy your new axe and God bless. ~Ssjxrouge, Drunken God (this is orginal creator of post) as far as i know, system hasn't changed since 1st brought out.

P.S, the quest can be done upto 3 times inbetween specific level's (i think... 70-80, 80-90, and 90+) also, this item IS NOT orginal bonded to user after quest. but is needed later on for the rogue moon quest in which it becomes bonded to the quest user. The sacrifice of a Whisper Bracelet is no longer needed for the quest.