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Pirate Island Walkthrough

Pirate Island Map

1. Get 5000 coins and head to the Northern Shore which can be easily accessed by clicking on Hausson in main map. Walk to the docks of the shore and say "Water jewel". The boatman will offer a ride to the Pirate Mine Island for 5000 coins. Just accept it and reach the Island. You no longer lose Gateway, and you no longer lose all of the coins that you have on you, just the 5000 coins for the entrance fee.

To avoid having to return to the Mines many times bring along these items before you say Passenger in the island: -Salt block (can get it by dropping Cloth in Dae shore beach) -2 Water jugs (from previous pirate events, borrow it from people if you don't have one)

2. Kill Rats until you get a Rusty key. (note; the rats inside the mine drop keys at a higher rate.)

3. Return to the first room of the mine and use the key on a chest to get a Rock pick, The chests are located on the sides hidden behind the rocks hit Ctrl-r while standing near a side in this first room

4. Seek out the only room with no rats init and use your Rock pick to mine 10 Mine rocks.

5. Seek out the blind miner (He's in a small room near the end of the mine. Go down instead of left at the divide in the mine). When you find him say:
a. Crevasse
b. Escape
c. Rope
d. Rock<br />

6. He'll trade a rope for your 10 Mine rocks. Take the Rope and head to the Great Crevasse (with the broken bridge).

7. Walk to the very left or right of the room, and up towards the pit. You will then be transported to the top of the map.

Water Jewel Walkthrough

1. Go to the Crystal chamber the room behind the Great Crevasse.

2. Walk to one of the four crystal patches, and with a Salt block in your Inventory, drop one of your Water jugs.

3. You will get a pop up saying as you pour the water on the crystals, some salt pours from your satchel, and starts to form a new crystal.

4. Wait between 8 and 10 Nexus hours, and then drop your other full Water jug (or leave, and return with a full water jug [to refill, take it to the Water in Kugnae, just to the right of Baek shop, north west Kugnae).

5. In your Inventory should now be a newly formed Water jewel

6. Now you may use your Qui-Hyang to leave the Island. (Qui-Hyangs are no longer available in the quest version)

Cursed Acorn/Swamp Tree Walkthrough

1.Take a normal Acorn to the Sute's cave, (to enter it you must first say Sute to Eldritch, the Mage Guildmaster of Buya.) You'll get dyed with the Sute Powder and be able to to enter Sute's cave in North east part of Buya. NOTE:This part may or may not work. If it does not, try finding a Cursed acorn from a community member that has saved one.

2.Once inside the cave, your dye will go out, walk to the 2nd room, called Barren graves and drop your REGULAR Acorn at the northeast corner of the room, coords (0030 0000). You'll get a Cursed acorn.

3. Take Cursed acorn to swamps area in Nagnang Woodlands, Head to the South Western corner of the Nagnang Woodlands.

4. Drop and pick up your Cursed acorn until you get a pop up telling you that you planted your acorn in the ground. In your status box it says, This looks like a good place to plant a tree. NOTE: RECORD YOUR COORDINATES YOU WILL NEED THEM LATER.

5. Leave the Nangen Server, and come back to your coordinates in 10-20 Nexus hours. You will get a pop up on your side text box (where spells you cast are recorded) basicly saying "Your tree should be ready now, why not have a look".

6. Return to the exact coordinates you planted, and proceed to HIT (NO MAGIC) your Swamp tree (looks like the Forever tree aka. Man-Shik). On your side text box you will see messages if it is indeed your tree (such as You hit it but it seems to have no effect and The tree is cracking

7. Keep hitting the tree with physical attacks until it dissapears. A Wooden staff will appear in your inventory.

This part of the event written by Conro, LordDryn, Vini, Coldsun, the EventBusters, and many others.

Earth Shard/Desert Walkthrough

Items needed: 1 Dark amber, 1 Hot coal, 1 Dragon shard, 26 Water skins and 16000 coins.

(To make Hot coals, buy a Coal from the Sanhae Smith by saying Coal to him. Costs 20 coins. Buy a Flash dust in Kugnae or Buya Arena shop and use Creation system (shift+i) to combine both.)

Important Note: As of 28th feb 2006, the boy will not recieve parcels, workaround: Have a friend carry 3 waterskins and your three items, both walk three screens into the desert (3x south), you drop 3 empty water skins and have your friend then hand you the Dark amber, Hot coal and Dragon shard continue onto the gympsy's (workaround provided to me by Blaede)

1. To make a Dragon shard, go to Claw, the Immortal Tiger Chongun in Buya (cords 0128/0120) and say Dragon, Earth Dragon, and Shard. He will mention that Baegi can make the Dragon shards.

2. Get an Amethyst and take it to Baegi shop in Kugnae, south gate then all way to west.

3. Say Shard and for 2000 coins he will make a Dragon shard.

4. Now Parcel the Dark amber, the Hot coal and the Dragon shard to yourself.

5. Get someone to hold EVERY item in your Inventory and go to either Buya Rabbit cave or Kugnae Rabbit cave. Kill the Dark wolves there to get Wolf pelts. Get 26 of them.

6. Now go to KaMing's Encampment via main map and talk to Gan, the man in the shop in southeast part of the camp. Say Desert and Water skin.

7. Then go to northwest shop of the encampment and talk to Sya. Say Water skin. She'll charge 500 coins for every empty Water skin she makes out of the Wolf pelts. This will cost 13000 coins to make the 26 empty Water skins needed.

8. To refill the Water skins, to go Kugnae 0030/0030 and quickly drop all of the 26 empty water skins. Must drop all of them!

9. Now head to Mythic Nexus southwest corner and enter the first room of the Sonhi Desert. From now on, every room you walk will consume 1 Water skin, and for the 1st part all the 26 skins are needed so watch out! Follow exactly this references posted by Zuzuki on community board:
Go South x 3 times,
East x 1
South x 3
East x 4
South x 5
West x 4
and South x 6

The water skins will run out, but if followed the instructions correctly you will be in an oasis right now. Just stand near it and it will refill all the Water skins instantly.

Now go East x 14 times,
South x 1
and East x 1

Another oasis, refill again and follow more directions:

Go back West x 1
North x 3
West x 2
North x 4
East x 6
North x 6
East x 1

10. There will be the Gypsy camp, with another oasis and a gypsy tent. Talk to Gypsy father in south east part of it. Say Soo(Cazell appears to not work anymore), Ogres, and Son.

11. (See Important Note above)Drop 3 empty Water skins anywhere in the camp, go to the north west part of it, behind the Oasis and say Ogre to the boy. Then you click him to receive the parcels of Dark amber, Hot coal and Dragon shard.

12. Walk inside the tent in the middle of the camp. Talk to the Gyspy Mother. Say curse. She'll charge 1 Dark amber and 1000 coins to let you pass through the curse of the cave in the north of the camp. This just needs to be done once, so anyone who did it can leave and enter the sealed cave as many times as needed.

13. Now, once inside the cave there are 9 rooms with mounds in each of them. To walk to the rooms in the back of the cave, just wait a little bit in front of the door and it will transfer you to next room.

14. Drop the Hot coal behind one of the mounds to awake an Earth Dragon, now be quick and use the Dragon shard to capture the dragon and get the Earth Shard.

15. Before you leave, try saying Soo to the Gypsy Father. If it does not work, you will have to come back later, so save your Water skins.

Ogre Camp/Metal Mount Walkthrough

1) Enter the Western Forest from the Wilderness. (0003, 0100) You will need an Axe to make your way through the thick, obstructing brush.

2) After making your way through the brush, slay one of the slaves you will see wandering about. They are dressed as peasants in what appears to be spring clothing. Collect the 'Ogre message' that they drop.

3) Travel to Hamgyong Nam-Do, to the home of Ugh where the ogre Nyogh currently resides. (0020, 0021) Speak with him about the Ogre message. He will tell you that the message is written in ancient Ogrish, and that a scholar by the name of Haguru has written a book on the subject, but that he has no idea where you might obtain a copy.

4) Go to the Arctic land and head west across the bridge to Du Mountain. (0004, 0000) Speak with the man about Haguru. He will tell you that his name is Haguru, that he was indeed named after an ogre, and that the ogre often used to visit the village of Sanhae to speak with the Mayor.

5) Leave Du Mountain and cross the eastern bridge to the Sanhae Pass (0053, 0020), and then head north to the Sanhae Valley. (0015, 0000) You will find the Mayor located in the Sanhae Hall. (0034, 0018)

6) Speak with the Mayor about Haguru, and then about Haguru's book. He will tell you that the ogre left him a collection of his books, and that he will gladly give you a copy of the book in exchange for a donation to the town's coffers. The minimum you must donate to receive a book is 10,000 coins. He notes also that Daewhan has bought many copies.

7) Travel along the Southern Path, located in southeastern Nagnang (0134, 0155) and follow the western road at the fork (0004, 0019) to the Leviathan Mound. Continue traveling south until you reach the Leviathan fields (0015, 0029) and Daewhan, the pink leviathan. (0025, 0010)

8) Speak with Daewhan about the ogre message (after using the 'Beginner ogre' book from your inventory). (Edited by Coldsun)

You must have previously aided the leviathans, or he will not respond. If you have not completed that quest, (click him) he will give you the instructions you will need to go do the Leviathan quest.

He will teach you to be fluent in the ancient Ogrish language for a temporary period of time, so that you may read the message gotten from the slave.

9) Before going to the Western Forest, get 3 Slag, it will be needed in there.

NOTE: If you did not say Soo to the Gypsy father in the Gypsy camp, you MUST DO SO. For directions on how to reach the Gypsy camp, see the DESERT WALKTHROUGH above.

10) Journey back to the Western Forest, making your way through the brush once more, and head either north or south until you come to an ogre camp. Allow the ogres to shove you around a bit without fighting back and they will soon toss you into a slave pen.

11) Do not speak, for slaves are to be silent. Drop all of the ogre messages in your possession upon the ground and remove all clothing and items. The ogre guard that is babbling about slave conduct will then issue you proper slave clothing and direct you to the slave training area.

12) Report to (click on) the 'master' ogre to begin your training. He will give to you a message to be delivered to a certain one of the numerous ogres within the room. Locate that particular ogre and give them the message (by clicking on them). Report back to the master and continue these tasks until he declares that you are done with your training. Head south and exit the area into the Slave Quarters.

13) The master ogre (click him) will then give you a series of messages to deliver to certain ogres in specified parts of the camp (Around 14-30 messages). (To confirm that you have the right ogre, press ";" while next to them and their name will appear in your status box.) Bothering the wrong ogres more than once will get you thrown out. After each message is successfully delivered, report back to the slave quarters (0049, 0008) and the master to receive the next task. NOTE: When you receive the following message: "Hand this to Yanpow the prison guard," this is your chance to enter the prision cells. Be careful there, because it takes a long time to get this message, don't say anything unless there's no ogre in the screen. NOTE: For coordinates of each ogre you must deliver messages to, see next part.

[Place] [Coordiates]
[Master] [0049|0009]
[Stables] [0045|0013]
[Weaponry] [0032|0022]
[Tailor] [0020|0022]
[Scribe] [0008|0022]
[Smith] [0008|0038]
[Store] [0020|0038]
[Clinic] [0032|0038]
[Officer Mess] [0028|0051]
[Officer Quaters] [0007|0051]
[Prison] [0051|0051]
[-A-] [0089|0010]
[-B-] [0089|0020]
[-C-] [0089|0030]
[-D-] [0089|0040]
[-E-] [0089|0050]
[Mess Hall] [0063|0034]
[Gaurd hut] this is in the north ogre camp its along walk and the only tent

15. Go all the way to the right in the Cells. Wait for the ogre to leave completely the screen and say Soo.

16. Click yes that you willing to help him, and once he's done speaking watch if the ogre is coming nearby again. If not say Soo again to give him the 3 Slags.

17. After that say Cazell. He'll explain how Cazell forced him to make some Metal mounts, so go and ask for one to you as well.

18. Say Mount and click yes. You'll get your metal mount and a new legend mark as well.

Rebel Camp Walkthrough

1) Go get two Viperhead woodswords and head to the North Camp. (Instead of walking downwards to where you became a slave, walk upwards for a while.)

2) Talk to the Ghost in the upper-left corner. He will tell you about a secret rebel camp.

NOTE: You may need a horse, if you have 3-4 nexus hours to wait before 00, I suggest you go to get one, because it's much faster, make sure you dismount before you enter Northern camp again.

3) Leave the North camp and head back towards the South Camp. The secret path leading to the Rebel camp begins at 50, 209. It takes a while to get there, so be patient and stick to the path.

4) Find the Rebel leader. (He moves slower than the others.) He will ask for two Viperhead woodswords. Click on him again and give the woodswords to him.

5) After supplying the Rebel slave with two Viperhead woodswords, wait for the Midnight hour (00 Nexus time) to approarch. At midnight, the rebel slaves will equip their weapons and head to north to take on the ogre hoarde there. This will distract the ogres on the left of the fence.

NOTE: If for any reason you need to be sprinkled again, you must bring two Viperhead woodswords to the Rebel leader before the attack begins.

6) At this point, click on the Rebel slave whom collected your Viperhead woodenswords, and he should tell you that in order to get by, you must be sprinkled with a powder to become 'invisible' to the ogres. Make sure that he has sprinkled you before you leave.

7) Head south out from the Rebel forest and exit the patch of forest the rebels were hidden in, then head north to the North Ogre Camp. Head to the far left of the northern gate, and pass by.

8) From here you will find the Generals camp, which includes several tents with signs designating which general stays there, and a building, which houses the Ogre Kitchen.

9) Click the ogre inside of the Ogre Kitchen while wearing JUST your slave clothing, and he will ask if you're there to help with the Banquet, answer Yes. He will ask if you know how to serve wine, answer Yes. (As of 13 March 2006, you do not get a Legend mark for completing this portion of the quest).

General's Camp Walkthrough

(Important note: Do not kill any of the slaves when doing this quest, the ogres will attack you, though you may be able to get through, the chef will still kick you out, and you would have to start from the Midnight and you would have to get sprinkled again and do it all over.)

1) Gather wine on the far right of the room, exit (lower right door), and head to the generals hall. When the Generals Say "<yourname> more wine please" double click them and they will take a wine, if your to slow or click the wrong general they will boot you out of the camp stripping you off your slave garb, to regain slave garb simply re-enter lower camp and do the very first red/blue/black/white ogre messaging again, then restart from the top of the rebel camp walkthrough. When they dismiss you promptly leave and return to the Chef's cookery, and gather more wine. Repeat this process until when you go to gather more wine you get a pop-up telling you that "you find no more wine to serve" (and get no wine in your inventory). It's vital you trigger that popup or the next section wont work.

2) Click the chef. He will tell you that you are needed at the South Camp. Exit from the Northern Camp and return to the Master, who gave you your message assignments.(Ok the chef dosent tell you this anymore and you will have to gate and hack yourway back through the bush to get to the southern Slave master but step 3 works so long as you got the pop up at the end of step 1)

3) Click the master. He will praise you for your work with the generals, but question how you got there. No matter! He will then assign you to work at the Northern Camp permanantly (you NO LONGER have to get sprinkled to enter the Northern camp!)

4) Return to the Northern camp, and click the Chef ogre. He will ask you to run errands (Ignore him), and mutter about a 'Mud fish' (He no longer mutters).

5) Go to Buya, and say Mud Fish to the fishing NPC at East Gate. Then proceed to fish for this creature using the most expensive rod and bait (1000 and 500). Continue until you catch this fish (Only fish at midnight 00 and I had most success saying mud fish followed by fish - Raquil).

6) Return to the Northern Camp, Ogre Kitchen, and HAND the Mud fish to the Chef. He will praise you for finding it, and tell you to return in a few hours (ONE REAL HOUR) to gather your Mud Fish Stew

7) After waiting an hour (REAL TIME), return to the Chef and click him to get your Mud Fish Stew and an Ogre pass which allows you to pass the North guard (Black ogre)

8) Click the North guard, and look for the General (The RED ogre). Click him. He will thank you for the Stew, but request you get his crackers. He will give you an Ogre pass and Ogre key.

9) Exit, gather 3 slag, and return the the Southern camp jail cell. You will be allowed access right in, without having to deliver a message. Go to Soo and say Key. He will make you a copy of your Ogre key using your 3 Slag. You should now have TWO Ogre keys.

10) Return to the Northern camp General tent/Kitchen area. Enter General L tent, open the chest inside to gather the Mud fish stew crackers. Go to the tent labled General G tent, and use your second key on the chest there to gather a blank Ogre pass. Okay the tents are no longer labeled at all as of 28th Feb 2006, see the below diagram/image)
The Tents

| 1.............2.............3.............4.
| | 5.............6.............7.
| | 8.............9.......................................Kitchen
| | 10.............11.
|_____________________________________gate In______________

Staff of the Elements Generals Camp

No 5. : Stew Crackers (Cernunnos)
No 2.: Blank Ogre Passes (Veritas)

No 7. : Contained Wine (Raquil)
No 6. : Contained Wine (Cernunnos)
No 4. : Contained Apple (Velocityxz)
No 9. : Contained Wine (Dragoneer)
No 3. : Comb (Cernunnos)
No 11.: Wool (Raquil)
No 8.: Soup Bowl (Raquil)

11) Exit, and go visit Dae-Whan, who taught you ogre to begin with. Say Pass (This is also a good time to refresh your Ogre! Just say Ogre!). He will make your pass a permanant pass.

12) Go back to the Northern camp, go through the Chef's kitchen, and click on the North Guard again. Seek out the Red Ogre and click him, he will take the Stew crackers.

13) Return to the Kitchen, and click the chef. He will again commend you on your work, and ask you to return to the South Master again. Do so.

14) Click on the Southern Camp Master. He will hand you three items (Two Ogre messages and an Ogre pass) which he will ask you to have validated by the General.

15) Return to the Northern camp, click the North guard, seek out the Red ogre, and click him. In his haste he will not only validate the messages, but also your PERMANANT OGRE PASS.

16) Seek the White ogre in the Battlefield where the general is. Click him, he will let you across to the next area.

17) Enter the Great Stairway. Take notice of the douzens of Staff of Elements lighting the stairway. Their orbs are important, they give you the directions to which you will use inside the Temple! --The directions are as follows-- (KEY: U = Up, D = Down, R = Right, L = Left)
U, U, R, R, D, D, L, L, U, L, U, U, L, L, D, L, D, L, U, U, L, R, L, R, U, R, D, R, R, D

Yes, at one point you will enter and re-enter a room several times, this is not a mistake.

Following these directions will land you in one of the holiest of areas mortals have ever tread, the Shrine of Fire. Inside this shrine is the Fire Lord himself!

Click him and he'll say that the mortal appears before them as they knew he would but his passion burns too hot and needs to harness it.

Once the Lord of Fire finishes talking head out of it and go back to the Temple entrance. Now should go the inverse way:

Down Down Left Left Up Up Right Right

Down Right Down Down Right Right Up Right

Up Right Down Down Right Left Right Left

Down Left Up Left Left Up

This will lead to the Shrine of Ice which looks exactly like Fire Shrine but it's blue instead of golden.

This will lead to the Shrine of Ice which looks exactly like Fire Shrine but it's blue instead of golden.

Click on the Lord of Ice to have the passion cool down. Once the Lord finishes up talking leave the room and repeat the process to reach the Shrine of Fire again.

This process must be quick since the blessing of Ice Lord won't last too much and then will have to do all this part over again.

After meeting with the Lord of Fire for the second time he will give the Fire of Passion. There's also a new legend mark to reward those who finish up to this part:

Forging the Staff of the Elements

Staff of the Elements Random Merchant

Now before you go to Thane have these Items in your inventory,

prerequisites: - all five element items
wooden staff,
metal mount,
fire of passion,
earth shard,
water jewel
- angel tear or higher karma
- 20 ginko wood
- 50,000 coins

You need to hit the 50k Random merchant. He randomly comes up to you in Buya and will offer you something for 50k, this is it. You also need angel's tear karma at the least to do this quest.(This also works for the random merchant in Kugnae.) Wander around places where nobody usually walks carrying at least 50,000 coins (with angel tear karma) until random merchant pops up. follow him. pay 50k for info. Write down the animal and element he tells you about.(recommend screenshot too, this can take multiple tries before he gives you the info).

After collecting the elemental items, go to Thane and say:

Staff of Elements

After this, say repair again, and offer him 20 Ginko wood to help repair the machine!

Say repair again and you get a message to quit pestering him and come back later... wait 12 nexus hours ((1 1/2 irl)), return and say machine. If he has it repaired you will get a popup. Warning you that there is no telling what will happen if the machine is set improperly.

You will see 2 dials, the first will have animals listed, you can turn the dial till it shows the animal you chose. The second dial has elements, Chose the one in which the wandering merchant has offered you information. You're done!

Now you have a new legend mark:
Forged the Staff of Elements