Sam San

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Sam San is the third mark of power in Nexus.

Sam San Quest

  • Either 640,000 vitality or 320,000 mana is required to begin this quest.
  • The following trials must be passed in order to attain Sam San:
    • The Third Trial of Knowledge - Sacrifice 2,400,000,000 (2.4 Billion) experience to Bon-Hwa.
    • The Third Trial of Sacrifice - Sacrifice one of the following amounts to Bon-Hwa:
      • 80,000 Vitality
      • 40,000 Mana
      • 40,000 Vitality and 20,000 Mana
    • The Third Trial of Skill - Win 15 Riches carnages, 15 Bloodlusts, 15 Elixir Wars, and 15 Fox Hunts.
    • The Third Trial of Spirit - Have Angel Karma or better.
    • The Third Trial of Strength - Attain 3 Greater Alliances.
    • The Third Trial of Wealth - Sacrifice 4,000,000 (4 Million) gold to Bon-Hwa.

Additional Information

  • Sam San allows the learning of new spells, a path specific title of "Sam San", and enchantment of items and weapons either forged or created at the Forever tree.
  • Once completed, you can increase your specific stats (will, grace, or might) dependent on your path at the cost of 100m per stat at Bon-Hwa.
  • It also allows you to purchase a neon-green dye from the arenas for 48,000 shiney gold coins.
  • A mark appears on your legend and three dots appears by your name on the Heroes list.