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The Warrior Portal

The Warrior is a powerful fighting figure, who can deliver maximum damage to many enemies that surround him. The Warrior's poor defense and spell abilities are made up for by his 4-way damage and his own ability to deal much damage to enemies. Warriors often hunt with poets, as they require the greatest level of support.

Early in the Warrior's life, his or her ability to gain experience is unparalleled as he or she can solo against large numbers of weak enemies.


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Shonono's Story

By Shonono of Koguryo:

The most difficult thing about being a warrior for myself was the need to buy expensive weapons and armour, and also find good food such as bear livers for emergency healing. I spent a lot of time in the Rat caves from level 15 or so and sold Ginseng in Hamgyoung-Namdo and Topaz from Centipedes to other players. I also killed alot of squirrels for acorns!

When I could use the flank spell, I began to gather wool and sell it to weavers. Flank attacks make it easy to hunt Sheep. Now at level 32, I began weaving myself!

Around level 36 I began hunting in the Iron Labinryth. The bears were dangerous but because they dropped a lot of livers, I could find enough food to keep going.

There are many warrior spells that require fox furs. So I spent alot of time in those caves. I think the Kugnae has more Sun Foxes than the Buya fox caves.

After I passed level 40 I began hunting in the Mythical Rabbits. They drop amber and provide alot of experience.

I found the Chung Ryong Dojang website had very useful information for training young warriors. The advice about where to hunt for lower level warriors was especially helpful! Be sure to also read The No-Nonsense Guide to Leveling as a pre-99 Warrior.


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Need light fox furs? Instead of going to the Buya or Kugnae fox caves where these are rare, try heading to Tangun, where there are many in the fields. Everything you need to make lanterns can also be found or bought in Tangun - Coal, Flash Dust, Ginko Wood and Beef - and the final item, White Paper, just a short walk south from the North Gate of Kugnae.


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The Warrior-only Quests are:

How much experience required for a level can be found under Warrior Leveling.

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