Chung Ryong

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The Chung Ryong is the powerful blue dragon, and the totem of power, strength, and battles. This incredible beast is unmatched in its ability to deliver great amounts of damage to large groups of opponents.

Chung Ryong is the Totem god of the Warrior path. View history and lore of the Totems.

Chung Ryong NPC Subpath

  • Chung Ryong(99)
  • Fury (Il san)
  • Assault (Ee san)
  • Barrage (Sam san)
  • Champion (Sa san)

General Information

The Chung Ryong NPC subpath is for Warriors only. A Warrior who joins this subpath is given access to a few new things:

  • The Chung Ryong Scale, a large sword
  • Chung Ryong's Rage, the main spell of the Chung Ryong path
  • Access to the mutt subpath spells

Chung Ryong's Rage

Incremental fury. Every 120 seconds the spell can be cast again. It will require more mana, lower AC more, and boost damage for each consecutive casting. In addition, the spell will drain a certain amount of vitality after it wears out. Mana values listed are the lowest possible mana required to cast the next level of the spell, but if you have more mana it will often take it from you.

  • Rage 1: 2,000 mana - 8x damage - +0 AC - 20% vita taken.

”You cast Chung Ryong’s rage”

  • Rage 2: 7,200 mana - 14x damage - +0 AC - 20% vita taken.

”Chung Ryong’s power grows in you”

  • Rage 3: 18,050 mana - 20x damage - +5 AC - 20% vita taken.

”Great rage inspires you”

  • Rage 4: 33,800 mana - 26x damage - +15 AC - 40% vita taken.

”Your body trembles with incredible strength”

  • Rage 5: 72,200 mana - 36x damage - +30 AC - 60% vita taken.

”You enter a mindless frenzy”

  • Rage 6: 145,800 mana - 81x damage - +50 AC - All but 1 vita/mana taken.

”Your body is torn apart with Chung Ryong’s power”


Chung ryong scale

Other Information

The Chung Ryong Shrine is located in the Wilderness at coordinates 210, 95.