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Do (99)

HwarangDo (Il san)

Sulsa-Do (Ee san)

Jeong-Do (Sam san)

Wonhwa (Sa san)


The current members of the Do subpath can be found here. The current elder of the Do is Charmie.


A Do is a master of many things, foremost being the art of weapons mastery. But the goal of this mastery is not for the use of weapons, but merely a step on the Way.

But what is the Way?

The ability to accept with humility the teachings of the world...

Mastery of not just a weapon, but of yourself...

To trancend the weapon, for it to become a part of you...

Accepting that through mastery of the self one may understand others...

Through understanding others one understands the world...

Through understanding the world understanding your place in it...

Through this understanding walking the Way of Enlightenment...

And understanding that the Way never ends and prefection is not attained but sought.

You see a warrior fights with his weapon, his skill, his muscle. A Do fights with his entire being and soul. This is the essence of the Way, the essence of Do.

Do Elder, Masana

Seeking the way

You wish to join those who call themselves Do? There are many who believe this to be their path.

You want me to teach you to be a Do? That cannot be done.

I can teach you about weapons: their attributes, origins and forms. I can teach you about combat: when to attack and how to defend. I can teach you about healing: the use of potions, herbs and spells. But knowing all of this would not make you Do.

You must be Do at heart, and that cannot be taught. It must simply be who and what you are.

So it is your heart that must be discovered and that is quite a task.

We will be watching for those who seek the way. If you have a simple curiosity or a deep desire for knowledge, we encourage you to study and search. The Do value patience, humility and balance.

~To one who is Do at heart, time means nothing~

keely red sun Do Do Elder

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