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Map of Buya (circa Yuri 24)

The Empire of Buya (pronounced Boo-Ya; also called Puyeo or Fuyu), is the largest kingdom in terms of population. The city of Buya also has the largest population of the three main cities, Buya, Kugnae, and Nagnang. Buya can be selected as a starting location for new characters.

Buya is perhaps the most populated city because everything is very easy to access there. Most buildings of importance are right next to or very near one of the gates of Buya. Buya also has many spots that are used for social gatherings, perhaps another reason why it is so popular.

The capital of Buya City (also called Nong'an), lies on the border of the territory. The northern gate leads to the stables, which houses horses that facilitate rapid travel across the lands. The western gate leads to the Vale, a somewhat frightening and lawless area through which the Mythic Nexus can be reached. The eastern gate leads to the Islets, a dangerous but beautiful land that borders Koguryo and the Ogre city of Hamgyong Nam-Do. The southern gate leads to the north-west section of the Wilderness between Buya and Kugnae.


The Buyan territory is an autonomous outpost of the Han empire, gifted to the brilliant Regent-General Aino Senshi, a Buyian native. The Capital of Buya is Buya City; however, "Buya" is often used to refer to either the territory or the Capital.

Buya was built up prior to the Great Shift as a magnificent palace town. The streets were paved, the Palace rested in the center of a magnificent lake, and ornate statues filled the land, but the population was small and few people spent much time in Buya. Emperor Senshi had suffered tremendous heartbreak and homesickness at being apart from his beloved Ling Chun Yung (Lasahn's mother), and so too did his mood affect the townspeople. Rarely were the streets filled with song; most Buyan Citizens kept residence in Koguryo, which was a livelier town with more amenities.

Around Y19 or so, Buya was attacked, alongside Koguryo, by Sagu and his minions. This upheaval led to the appointment of a temporary Leader of State, Prince Beanbag, who would handle affairs in Buya similar to the arrangement made between King Yuri and his son Mhul in Koguryo. Beanbag served diligently for several years as the search for an eventual successor to Senshi occurred within the Imperial Court.

During the Great Shift of Y23, the system of dams and levees containing the palace lake burst, flooding the capital with mud and burying the city's magnificent walls, statues, and paved roads. However, Buya gained significant territory in this geographical upheaval, including the Arctic Land, Arctic Village, Northern Pass, Sanhae Village, Islets, and Du Mountain. Citizens of Koguryo were suddenly interested in Buya's more condensed streets, smaller size, density, and urban lifestyle. The Shaman and Muse circles, displaced by the Great Shift, reopened in Buya. The Heavens, Phoenix and Lost Kingdom clans also relocated from Koguryo.

However, the icing on the cake of modern Buya truly began when General Lasahn Ling Chun Senshi of Han led an expedition of Han Imperial Scouts on a mission that sent them through the capital. Senshi's joyousness at the reunion with the daughter he never knew he had began a boom in Buyan culture and population. Lasahn was appointed to rule in her father's stead and thus tipped to eventually succeed the throne. Population and cultural growth in Buya continued.

Between Y24 and Y27, animosity grew between Buya and its neighbor Koguryo, fueled by jealousy from Kogurians at Buya's newfound dominance. The anti-Buyan movement was fueled largely by Primogen Genji of Sun Moon and would eventually lead to the separation of Kogurian and Buyan tribunals. Anti-Buyan vandalism and rallies by Sun Moon members was a common occurrence. In Yuri 27, Buya's government was enraged by the appearance of Prince Mhul at the end of a Buyan Tribunal, where he insulted Lasahn. The two powers went to war, but the ensuing bloodbath was interrupted by the appearance of KaMing, the Sonhi troops, and the Zibong, who had been impersonating Mhul to bring the nations to war.

Reunited in the face of a common enemy, Buya and Koguryo realized they had been tricked and as a result called an immediate armistice, soon after signing a Treaty of Alliance. While no victory in battle was accomplished, Buya soon emerged the dominant region in population, culture, and economy.

Time passed, and many more events befell the Nexus, and by extension, the people of Buya, but the capital city itself was not again directly imperiled until the Spring of Y41, when, in a daring, unprovoked raid, the Sonhi stormed and captured Buya City, holding the Imperial Court and Princess Lasahn hostage. Buya's huge population was forced into exile, but the refugees were welcomed with open arms by Prince Mhul and the people of Koguryo. The Clans and Subpaths which had called Buya home set up temporary shelters within Koguryo as the allies pondered their next move. Finally, an underground network of tunnels deep into Buya City and the Palace complex was discovered, and citizens were able to aid the captive guards and Princess. Information from spies reached Kugnae that the Sonhi had begun an excavation of the Buya Library. However, Blight, who had initially declared himself an enemy of Buya, saw the Sonhi as a graver threat and decided to aid Buya's military and exiled citizens in retaking the city by blowing massive holes through the city walls. The Sonhi were surprised by such bravado and, caught off guard, fled, leading to the liberation of the city. This event had long-standing repercussions for the kingdom; information unearthed in the raid deep within the Buya Library eventually led to the discovery of the Armor of the Winds, and Blight's aid to Buya in her hour of need was the cornerstone in the foundation of the future Tri-Kingdom Treaty.

Buya had escaped the conflict undamaged, and its citizens returned to their homes to continue life as usual. However, this peace would not last long. In Y46, Buya and Koguryo were invaded by hordes of powerful Wind Gods, which overtook places that in the past had been safe havens, such as Subpath Circles. Buya City and Kugnae were virtually destroyed by the ensuing onslaught of powerful attacks and heavy winds, which ceased only when Princess Lasahn slew the final Wind God on the steps of the Buya Palace. In the wake of this disaster, both kingdoms established a joint fund and undertook a tremendous rebuilding effort, which rebuilt both Kugnae and Buya in unparalleled splendor.

Since its redevelopment, Buya City has been a thriving cosmopolitan metropolis which continues to grow. The Kingdom of Buya has also seen tremendous growth in the towns of Kimchon, Naju, and Tok-do.

History to be Sorted

Treaty of Buya (May 5, 1999) Heaven's Clan and the Lost Kingdom Clan have formed an alliance to defend each other and Buya:

The kindred of Heaven's Clan and the Lost Kingdom Clan join together, with this treaty, to better support each other and our home, Buya. Members will be as welcome as fellow kindred on each other's soil. No member will raise their sword to another or use their magic against another.

In times of crises, we pledge to come to each other's aid. In times of peace, we shall flourish together.

Princess Casandra

Primogen Valerian


EMPEROR: Emperor Aino Senshi
HEAD OF STATE: Princess Lasahn Ling Chun Senshi
IMPERIAL MINISTER: Minister Jolie Ja'Myne
IMPERIAL AMBASSADOR: Ambassador Roryian Crescent
HEAD OF MILITARY: General MisterMage

While Emperor Senshi is the ruler of Buya, most of the policy making is left to his daughter, Princess Lasahn. A number of administrative duties are divided amongst the Imperial Ministry and the Buyan Imperial Army. The BIA concerns itself with defense of all Buyan territory, while the Ministry handles administration, beautification, infrastructure, and cultural projects in Buya's territory. The Imperial Ministry has a strong hand in the political aspects of Buya. During the conclusion of Sebelle Beotkkot's tenure, the Ministry began to focus more on Buyan politics which transcended into a higher aspiration as Jolie Ja'Myne took office.

Sanhae is governed by a Regent appointed by the Princess, but the position is largely ceremonial as the Mayor of Sanhae is granted autonomy in most affairs. Although Sanhae lies at the strategically important Northern Pass, it is well-guarded by both the BIA and the Do, and thus the vacancy of this post is not an issue of wide concern.

The three subpaths which reside within Buya -- the Muse, Shaman, and Do subpaths -- are given free apolitical autonomy by the Imperial Government, although they are on good terms. Clans are required to swear loyalty to Buya and must keep their halls and, if applicable, militias within Buya City under close scrutiny of the Buyan government. Those clans that have militias offer them as important axillary to the Buyan Imperial Army during times of crisis.

Buya is party to a Treaty of Alliance with Koguryo and a Nonaggression Pact with Nagnang, both of which were superseded by the Tri-Kingdom Treaty. Buya also possesses an Emergency Charter with provisions for invasions or attacks on the capital city, although it is in need of reform. In Yuri 78, Buya's government signed a pact with its clans giving them a larger role in the defense of the city and formalizing the alliance of the clans who had formed after the original Treaty of Buya had been signed (with only Heavens and Phoenix existing at the time). This event, while largely viewed as a formality, allowed Buya's military resources to be better distributed in the outlying territories.


Buya is the most populous kingdom in the Nexus. Citizens of Buya (both the city and country) are referred to as Buyans.

The populace of Buya is diverse and well-rounded, with the majority of inhabitants of Buya City residing within its many Clans and taverns. The Clans of Buya include Heavens, Phoenix, Lost Kingdom, Dharma, and Elendhirin. A smaller number of people also live within Buya City in the Shaman, Do, and Muse Circles, which also house a large number of non-citizens who reside in Buya. Members of the Buyan Imperial Army, the Imperial Court, and the Royal Family take residence in the Buya Palace at the center of town.

The largest Buyan towns outside of Buya City are the suburban communities of Kimchon, Naju, and Tok-do. The mining village of Sanhae and the Arctic village also house small populations; Sanhae is the closest town for many residing in the nearby Do Circle.

Sometime in the 70s, the Shaman Circle moved from Downtown Buya to a more remote, undisclosed location, leaving the Muse Guild as the only subpath inhabiting the Capital.


The Buya Palace is home to a central Library and Theater, which are important civic buildings. The Palace itself contains much public space, including a Secret Garden. For sporting events, Buya City is home to the Bloodlust arena as well as the Fox hunt stables. Buya City is also home to the Muse Guild of Buya, which contribute greatly to the cultural flavor of the capital.

Outside of Buya City, but within Buyan territory, lie several more tremendous venues. The Islets are home to both a magnificent outdoor public amphitheatre and the adjacent Garden of the Muses, which features a theatre with balcony seating and dinner sets (as well as specially brewed Tea); it is also home to the Muses' library and classroom, where they host Muse College classes. Further south in the Islets lie the spirit gardens of the Shamans, where rituals are performed and knowledge is stored. Local entertainment is also prevalent in Kimchon, Naju, and Tok-do.

Sanhae and the Arctic Village are also home to smaller cultural venues, including the Sanhae Hall, Kamchatka Ballroom, and training grounds of the Do, whose neutral circle also lies within the territory.


Hunting areas

Most of the caves in Buya are similar to those in Kugnae. The notable exception is Sute's cave, which exists in Buya only.

Area Location Prerequisites
Rat cave 0015 0077 Level 3
Rabbit cave 0111 0125 Level 9
Fox cave 0124 0143 Level 20
Sute's cave 0103 0022 Level 28, Sute dye
Haunted house 0009 0065 Level 36