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Map of Kugnae

Kugnae is the capital city of the country of Koguryo. Kugnae is the largest city in size in NexusTK, but not in population. (the first being Buya). Though not as popular as the larger city (or perhaps because of it), Kugnae is a very enjoyable place to live, being the older of the two large cities. Kugnae can be selected as a starting location for new players. Kugnae's gates lead many places. The northern gate leads to the south-east section of the Wilderness. The eastern gate leads to Dae Shore. The southern gate leads past the Graveyard, in to Southern Koguryo and eventually Nagnang.

Kugnae is home to the Sun Moon Clan, Bear Clan, Enigma Clan, Oceana Clan, Destiny Clan and Tiger Clan. It is also home to the Merchant Subpath and the Diviner Subpath.


Hunting areas

The caves in Kugnae are similar to those in Buya, except that Kugnae also has the Farm cave.

Area Location Prerequisites
Rat cave ((0047,0112) Level 3
Rabbit cave (0196,0139) Level 9
Farm cave (0200,0069) Level 15
Fox cave ((0020,0163) Level 20
Haunted house (0035,0063) Level 36
Spider cave (0080,0034) Level 42