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The Muse Guild of Buya is one of the three player-run Poet Subpaths in the Nexus. The Muses are artists, entertainers, musicians, creators, historians, and teachers.


Muse (99)

Artisan (Il san)

Virtuoso (Ee san)

Prodigy (Sam san)

Luminary (Sa san)


The current members of the Muse subpath can be found here. The current elder of the Muses is Soleil.


  • Founding Elder: GuardianIV (Yuri 19-25)
  • Laburnum (Yuri 25-31)
  • Kiyone (Yuri 31-55)
  • Lokira (Yuri 55-58)
  • SkaDemon (Yuri 58-67)
  • Aelis (Yuri 67-Hyul 7)
  • Soleil (Present)


Muses are the creative class of the Nexus; they excel in arts and sciences and specialize in just about anything intellectual or creative. Muses can be artists, educators, dancers, musicians, historians, poets, writers, thespians, scientists, and so on. While the most obvious facets of Muse are the actors and musicians who entertain the community, many others are more soft-spoken, choosing to paint solitarily, pen novels, or sort through dusty archives. Most Muses are, however, community-oriented to some extent, even offering theatrical dyes as a service to the community.

Muse walkers are expected to write a journal each Year of Yuri's reign to share with their fellow Muses. The subjects of these journals are relatively unrestricted so as to encourage more creativity within the path.

Religious beliefs and rites of the Muses are unrestricted, but members of the Guild worship the Nine Muse sisters of Western lore, each of whom presides over a specific art. They are:

  • Calliope - Muse of Epic Poetry
  • Clio - Muse of History
  • Euterpe - Muse of Music
  • Urania - Muse of Astronomy
  • Erato - Muse of Erotic Poetry
  • Polyhymnia - Muse of Sacred Poetry
  • Terpischore - Muse of Dance
  • Thalia - Muse of Comedy
  • Melpomene - Muse of Tragedy


The Muse Guild of Buya was founded in Yuri 19 by Elder Guardian IV. The Buyan Muse Guild is an offshoot of the Central Muse Guild in the city of Parnassus, far to the west. Muse Guilds exist across the world and offer services such as free lodging and use of stage facilities to traveling Muses. Each Muse Guild, including the Buyan Guild, is internally governed by the Central Guild, although Elders are granted a good degree of independence in how they shape and direct their Guilds. The Central Guild is governed by a Helicon, who chairs the Council of Nine, where each representative serves as the Hand of a specific Muse sister.

Guardian IV welcomed the original members of the path to the Muses after the Subpaths were created and energized through the Shattering of the Onyx. The path grew slowly but Guardian's vision was persistent. In Yuri 25, however, a visiting Muse turned out to secretly be an evaluator for the Central Guild, which did not feel its new Buyan branch was growing quickly enough. Guardian was removed and recalled to his native Ilbon, where he was eventually promoted to chair the League of Eastern Muse Guilds. Laburnum was installed as Elder, and quickly expanded the path, ascending guides and adding new walkers; the first ascended Guide of the Muse Guild was Kiyone, followed almost immediately by Lokira. During the period of Laburnum's reign, the Guild worked to define its role in the community; a weekly storytelling Gathering was initiated by Guide Rando and community outreach, for which the Muses are now legendary, truly began.

At Laburnum's departure for work in the West, in Yuri 31, Kiyone was elected Elder. During her 25-year reign she oversaw vast expansion of the path, countless threats to the Muses (including a Shaman feud and a tangle with the cursed book Stones), a vast increase in Muse outreach to the community (including the hosting of the Revel to Riches) and the design and construction of the Garden of the Muses. In Yuri 55, however, after the Nine Muse Sisters appeared in and around Buya, a high-ranking official from the Central Muse Guild named Thales (Hand of Melpomene) audited the Buyian Guild. While many presumed he was there to sack the Elder, he was in fact recruiting her for the position of Helicon, the Leader of the Central Guild in the far-western city of Parnassus. Kiyone left for Parnassus and appointed Lokira as elder.

Lokira, having grown discontented with the vast degree of cheating and potential for corruption faced by the Revel, divorced the Muse Guild from the event. Hostess Revelle d'Literit was recalled to Parnassus, where she eventually became the Hand of Calliope. After a brief but effective tenure which oversaw the launch of the Nine Muses Quest and the end of the Muse-run Revel, Lokira retired in favor of a more quiet, restful job: Head Librarian of Parnassus.

SkaDemon governed the Muses through tough times, including uncertainty about the future of the Nexus itself, before stepping down and yielding to Aelis. Aelis has served as elder ever since, instituting reforms and building upon her vision -- as well as those of past Elders -- for the path's future. Under her guidance, the Guild has returned to hosting several popular weekly events that were closed or discontinued; she also oversaw the reopening and massive expansion of Muse College.


The Muse Circle consists of a courtyard hidden in the woods south of the Palace of Buya, close to the tavern amenities and Cultural Center. The circle design (architect: Kiyone) is intended to evoke the feel of an urban oasis; inspiration is drawn from the Poetry Corner of Old Buya prior to the Great Shift. At night, specially placed lanterns illuminate the Circle. The Muse Guild's is the only subpath circle located in the Capital City of Buya.

The Muse Guide Circle (architect: Soleil) is a more abstract work of art and a postmodern expression of raw creative energy. It has been referred to as one of the most beautiful places in Nexus, but is only accessible by Muse Guides.

The Garden of the muses (architect: Kiyone) is home to a spectacular theatre with lighting, backstage and stage-setting amenities, dining accommodations, and a balcony. There is also a library and classroom there known as the Sanctum of Song, where Muse College is held.. The Muse Garden is the only place in the Nexus where patrons can purchase Tea.


Regular Muse events include Dinner Theatre, Cabaret, Muse Gathering and Muse College. The Garden is also home to special Muse events and rituals, and was the site of the Revel to Riches for many years.


  • Graced by the Muse, Inspired by (Muse Guide) - Recognition of those who display exceptional creative and intellectual talent.
  • Discordant Note, scorned by (Muse Guide) - A brand of scorn for enemies of the Guild.
  • Earned the blessing of (Muse Sister) - Component of the Nine Muses Quest. (Requires Graced by the Muse brand.)
    • Variations: Polyhymnia, Melpomene, Terpischore, Euterpe, Calliope, Erato, Clio, Thalia, Urania
  • Empowered with the Aura of the Muses - Completion of the Nine Muses Quest. (Requires Graced by the Muse brand.)
  • A follower of (Muse Sister), specialized in (field). - Devotion to one of the Nine Muse sisters. (Requires completion of the Nine Muses Quest.)
    • Variations: Polyhymnia, Melpomene, Terpischore, Euterpe, Calliope, Erato, Clio, Thalia, Urania
  • Completed [#] [(science, art, or theater) courses at Muse College - Muse College class brand.
    • Variations: Science, Art, Theater
  • Graduated Muse College, Class of Yuri [#] - Muse College Graduation brand.
    • Variations: Graduated Muse College with honors
  • Professor of Muse College, since Yuri [#] - Muse College Professor brand.
    • Variations: Senior Professor, Assistant Professor, Visting Professor

Other Details

  • Muse Crest: (\/) - This seal is affixed to official Muse documents.
  • The Muse Circle is home to a friendly tribe of goats, gifted to the circle by the god YinChuehShan.
  • Muse Official Website: (\/) Home of the Muses