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The Mage Portal

Mages are the designated spellcasters of the Nexus community. They're duties are encapsulated in strengthening attack and defense in allies and decreasing attack and defense in enemies. Soloing for mages is often tedious and thus many mages, even at low levels, are encouraged to fight alongside stronger fighters. Thus, aiding the group and earning massive amounts of experience.

Mages also require the most experience to reach 99, thus hunting with stronger players is encouraged.


Featured article

The Art of Setmaking

Greetings! The art of making sets, this is something that is valued in a mage today. You must know what a set is, which one to do and how to make one. There are some basics on making sets, which I would like to discuss here.

When making a set, the monsters around you will probably not want to cooperate with you, they don't want to die! They will attack the poet, rogue or warrior instead of staying in place. How do you remedy that?

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Selected picture

A Perfect Set. The Buyan Mage Hall, where much information can be attained.

Famous Figures



May the road you follow take you to your place in destiny, and may happiness fill your trip down that road.

~ Eternally ~

~ JaydePhoenix ~

To be Feared - but Cherished, Never Shaman's Fate to which I'm born.

-Mythril - Shamaness of Light

The Silver Thread

Spirit of Taliesin

Old is the one whose whisper the wind catches, Releasing the soul's burden, and no blame attaches....


-Spirit Artist-


Mage news

Surge Graphic Still broken with Blue Streak in Surge! (July 11, 2006)



Ju Jak - The path of The Phoenix.

Shaman - Shaman are the Masters of the Spirits.

Diviner - The path of Ying and Yang and those who see the Past, Present and Future.

Geomancer - The path of practicing and understanding the art of Feng Shui.



Cast Pestilence on yourself in PK situations to avoid getting Scourged, which would leave you with a much worse AC.

((Update 06/08: Pestilence can now be Atoneed. Also, Pestilence may not be cast on self or allys in a Carnage or Bloodlust and that change was made long ago.


Did you know...

Damage Modifiers for Mages 99+ Attack Spells!

Hellfire: Mana x 1.8, takes 80% mana and 1% of your mana as vita damage.

Inferno: Mana x 1.5, takes 100% mana and hits all in this pattern(same as VB)


Sam San HF: Mana x 2.5 takes 100% mana

Sa San HF: Takes 100% mana, 50% vita and hits only 7 monsters in this pattern(straight horizontal or vertical).

           xxxxxxx  or  x

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