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Man-Shik is an NPC enemy that guards Bon-Hwa. He is also referred to as the 'Forever Tree' since he quickly regenerates upon being defeated.

The Legend

"Man-Shik, or "Deep Root" is a foul beast that dwells in the swamps south of Buya. Powerful, evil ravens perch in his deadly branches. Man-Shik is among the last of a race of trees possessing limited intelligence. When they achieved consciousness, these trees, whose true name is long forgotten, were quickly corrupted into an evil existence. Man-Shik's Grove is best avoided by any unfortunate enough to stumble upon it."

-Spirit Guide Eldridge


  • Man-Shik used to be able to attack players for 1 million Vitality point damage if players stood directly in front of him. The fighter would have to stand one space away from Man-Shik, run at him and use a powerful attack such as Whirlwind and then step back to safety.
  • Characters who can use Race or Dash spells can get past Man-Shik without having to kill him.