KaMing's Encampment

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The KaMing Encampment is a historic camp/battleground that has now been overgrown with marsh-lands. Originally, the Sonhi people were starving to death at these campgrounds. Buya and Kugnae collected food stuffs to feed them. The nomadic Sonhi never truly trusted the towns folk and their guards were always muttering disparaging remarks. If anyone attacked a guard for his rude comments, all guards in the area would converge in defense. This tense situation resulted in many conflicts culminating with a somewhat tentative alliance between the Zibong and the Sonhi. The Zibong moved into the Sonhi's Haunted House where many lost their lives.

Eventually KaMing left to join his brother KaKhan and the Sonhi moved away. They left some of their more enterprising tribe members who still run shops open to all.

The remaining Sonhi people know quite a few secrets and will either sell you the secret or can be tricked into telling them.

KaKhan & The Sonhi Encampment

Before Yuri settled as king, the Sonhi Encampment had been home to the ruthless kindred of the Clan of Khan, named after its notorious Primogen KaKhan. The Clan of Khan carried out countless attacks on Kugnae leading to the Sonhi-Kug war. KaKhan lead a massive offensive on the city of Kugnae, which proved a failure. After countless casualties on the Khan front, they retreated back to the Sonhi Encampment. Shortly after the Royal Army of Koguryo pursued and left the clan devastated.

Clan of Khan Troops:(pre-Yuri)

The Sonhi

The Clan of Khan was devastated, and left dismantled. However, KaKhan survived and sent word to his brother KaMing. The news of KaKhan's defeat at the hands of Koguryo travelled swiftly to his brother KaMing. Demanding millions of coins and spewing insults, the Sonhi troops moved in to the outskirts of the kingdoms in the Valleys once occupied by the Khan. The Encampment continued to house hundreds of new soldiers. A large force began growing in the Encampment. Knowing they must act, Koguro troops assaulted the camps and the battle raged on for weeks. With powers and spirits much stronger than their Khan kin, the Sonhi proved to be tough adversaries, yet slowly their presence dwindled. Strangely, the Sonhi had retreated.

KaKhan's Sonhi Troops:(Early-Yuri)

KaMing's Encampment

The absence of the Sonhi was blamed on the appearance of the Zibong, ruthless spirits that fed on the souls of entire tribes.

After the Great Shift came, word came from the Sonhi. KaMing had repented and humbly sought help for food and shelter. Reluctant, many citizens did not trust the Sonhi, but it was decided that a chance would be given. Lasahn granted them access to Buya and the shamans while Yuri and Mhul assisted with supplies for the encampment.

KaMing had another motive - to ressurect his brother, KaKhan. Alive once more, KaKhan wanted vengeance and going against his brother, gathered some Sonhi troops to slay "townies". The Zibong struck again and KaMing fell back from trying to stop his brother to defend his new home. After weeks of battle, KaKhan took his now loyal Sonhi with him and left the kingdoms as the citizens drove out the Zibong.

Silence fell upon the camp for many seasons until KaMing cried out to the kingdoms. He had fallen ill. Yet when people ran to his assistance, they were met once again by Zibong in a full blown attack that lasted weeks.

Once again silence reigned until the war between Buya and Koguryo. During the final hour of the terrible civil war, KaMing appeared in the middle of the Wilderness, taunting "townies" of both kingdoms. He had been seen with a fragment of the Darkstaff. Admitting "plotting" while he was feigning illness, KaMing summoned forth Zibong Slayers, startling the battling citizens and killing many.

The citizens, angry at another betrayal, began preparations against the Sonhi, even though it appeared the soldiers were actually afraid of their own leader now. KaMing and KaKhan claimed to have settled their differences and joined together in their plan to eradicate the kingdoms for good, calling upon "townies" to surrender and become second-class citizens. Whether truly evil, or merely under the influence of the Darkstaff fragment, the Sonhi nomads had revived bad blood with the kingdoms.

KaMing & KaKhan Troops:

Blight's Encampment

After losing the war with Kugnae and Buya, the Sonhi again sought the destruction of their legendary foes and aligned themselves with Blight, Atrophy and The Forsaken clan. The Sonhi took heavy losses during the battles with the citizens of Buya and Kugnae and eventually withdrew.

Outraged, Blight and Atrophy halted attacks on the cities temporarily to vanquish the "cowards" of KaMing's encampment. They nearly wiped out all of the Sonhi and resumed their attacks on the kingdoms.


Today, little is known about the whereabouts of the Sonhi. Some say that KaKhan, Kaming and the Sonhi have gone into exile to rebuild their troops and exact their revengs on Nagnang and its allies.