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ChiZao is an event character villain. As the physical embodiment of magic and master of the Guardians of the Four Directions, he is the most powerful entity in existence.

Personality and Special Traits

  • Chi is a Chinese word for "energy/life" and Zao is one of the three romanized forms of the word Tao meaning "all/everything". So, together, ChiZao means the life of everything. In game lore, if ChiZao was destroyed all magical power in the world would cease to exist because he -is- magic itself.
  • ChiZao absolutely hated being called "crazy" or "mad" and doing so makes him VERY UPSET!
  • ChiZao genuinely believes the world is sick with war and hatred, and that he can only make it better by killing everyone, then transforming them into an undead servant who will mindlessly obey his every command.
  • The more you fight or invoke him, the stronger he becomes.
  • ChiZao respects people who posses great power.
  • ChiZao is capable of learning all magical secrets effortlessly. The first thing he did when he was released was force his way into every subpath Circle and learn their spells from the trainers. He could even mimic any spell he witnessed being cast.
  • ChiZao wielded a Blue dragon longsword, 2 Iron circles, and a Nagnang Robe. However, he could create any item he desired, and offered to reward people with gifts of legendary weapons if they helped him regain power.
  • ChiZao was able to use some extremely high-level magic such as Wyrm strike, Summon Bubble and Terror.
  • Summon Bubble enabled ChiZao to call for 'bubbles' (fish-like creatures, but with arms and legs), a unique kind of creature that had not been seen before.

Character Biography

Pre-Game Events History

ChiZao was born a mortal scholar in an unknown and ancient tribe of humans that lived in the area of what is now Buya and Koguryo.

ChiZao stumbled upon a hole in the barrier between our world and the ethereal one, becoming the living embodiment of magic in the process. He learned much from the ethereal spirits (most likely the ones from the Ethereal Temples event, but perhaps also Bon-Hwa?). ChiZao returned to our world and passed on his knowledge to four students who become the Totems: Chung Ryong, Baekho, Ju Jak and Hyun Moo. Together they taught all the people of the world about magic.

However, ChiZao fell into insanity, becoming corrupted by his power. He became an undead being of evil. ChiZao raised the dead as an army of zombies and tainted creatures of the world, twisting them into darkness (The Haunted Houses originate to this period of time, as do the Crypts south of Koguryo . Man-Shik may also have been created at this time).

The Four Guardians led humans tribes in a battle against ChiZao’s forces, ultimately defeating and sealing him away inside a tomb as to prevent the loss of magic in the world, for magic begins and ends with ChiZao. This tomb is located in what is now Nagnang.

Over the years, ChiZao’s powerful magic leaked out from his tomb, infecting the creatures intended to guard him. This area become known as the Vortex. The simple mechanical lock on ChiZao’s tomb proved ineffective, so the Mythic Animals were created by the Four Guardians and charged with guarding the Trigram Keys that seal ChiZao in his tomb prison.

(previous "canon" that King Yuri was responsible for the Mythic Animals trapped inside their caves was ret-conned by this storyline, see

Nagnag Frees ChiZao

Nagnag was originally looking for a power that could rival that of the Darkstaff.

Players entered the crypt that had been dug out by Nagnang's mercenaries, and while trying to solve the mystery of the crypt, helped unlock the Trigram Seal so that the innermost tomb could be reached.

The tomb unlocked, Nagnag freed ChiZao, the one who was inside the tomb, and they declared they would conquer the world.

However, ChiZao then told people he was being controlled by Nagnang, and encouraged them to fight Nagnang in order to free them, offering that he could teach people more powerful magic if they helped him gain independence.

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ChiZao Reveals His True Self

"Dear Citizens,

Recently Nagnag, who quickly found out why ChiZao was imprisoned in the tomb, has released ChiZao from his tomb. ChiZao has become a member of the undead, and a true threat to the citizens of the world. I feel confident that the eight gates will continue to hold him in the tomb area as they have for thousands of years already. ChiZao has proven that even after all this time he still posses some incredible power, and the ability to unleash it against all that come close. We must be careful not to do anything to help his powers grow any stronger. Eldridge

Spirit Guide"

ChiZao and the Renewal of the Earth

Long ago, before magic had appeared as a spark of life found in each living thing, there existed a great teacher, by the name of ChiZao. It was this teacher who helped give the world magic, by teaching it to four students. The students where the noble creatures of the cardinal directions of north, south, east, and west. These creatures, who have become known to us as the four totems, flourish under ChiZao tutelage. Magic had appeared in the lands of nexus, as by aide of the totems, it was shared with humanity. But power is not always a good thing. The power that magic entailed was soon corrupting the teacher that had brought the gift to light.

ChiZao was becoming to powerful, and the power was poisoning his heart. Afraid of what there teacher would do with his power, the totems set out to stop ChiZao anyway they could. It was in the lands of what is today nagnang that ChiZao would meet his destiny. Coming together, and using the force that they had been taught, the totems vanquished ChiZao to a tomb, where he would be trapped for eternity. The ground on which this tomb laid under slowly grew cold, as ChiZao succumbed to the coffin in which he now resided.

All was well, and for many Yuri's, the totems where in peace, knowing there master was safe from rages in the lands. But they didn't know that the land around his tomb, was growing warmer, and his power was returning to him. Little did they know, but Nagnag, the blacksmith of nagnang was seeking the power, to aide him in his quest of domination of the lands of nexus. The troops of Nagnag set out to find ChiZao and remove him from his tomb, and back to power.

Mysterious creatures appeared among the land, attacking all who dare step outside. The kingdoms where plunged in terror at the hideous creatures inhabiting there cities. No one was safe, and the totems, in the void saw that there fears had come true. But the totems could not leave the void with out the help of the people. The armies struggled to keep the creatures at bay, while finding the source of the chaos.

The kingdoms searched long and wide for the source, until the clues started falling into place, as maps where found, copied, and passed around showing the kingdoms the way to the dangers of ChiZao. Upon reaching the mercenary camp of Nagnag, the citizens found the tomb of ChiZao in a cave that had been dug from the ground. Those brave enough to enter found more terror, as the creatures that had taken hold of the cities existed here, more powerful, and fueled by the warmth of the ground.

They fought long and hard, to destroy the creatures, grabbing the runes that the creatures had gotten as a bribe by ChiZao. The scholars of the lands worked hard to decipher and find the uses of these runes as the battle raged on. Soon the citizens fighting for there life discovered the key to the inner tomb, and those brave of heart entered to find the coffin of ChiZao.

The time for ChiZao to rise had come, and with the help of his minions, he did so with a power never seen before. He attacked all who dared to come closer, but still, no sign of the students had surfaced. It was only when the citizens succeeded in summoning hyun moo from the void did the story become clear.

The scholars found that the runes when combined created charms that may very well help the citizens to defeat ChiZao. The citizens, empowered by the runes sought out to prevent ChiZao from leaving his tomb. Many succeeded in reinforcing the pillars of the tomb to keep ChiZao in, but ChiZao was to powerful, breaking free of the inner tomb.

What was needed was a magical weapon, the shino bul that could plunge ChiZao back to his tomb for good. With the help of hyun moo the weapon was created by the citizens of the lands, and each entered the tomb to use these new weapons against ChiZao.

(Author: SSaturn)

ChiZao's Charms

ChiZao offered 'bribes' to his Vortex guardians, corrupting them to his side. The bribes were magical runes that when combined created powerful charms that enabled high-level magic to be cast.

Kun TunTunHan ToolTa - Nothing

Kun TunTunHan KonKyo - Full Room Smite (takes nothing)

Kun TunTunHan PanOh -

Kun MaBop ToolTa- Buff Room attack

Kun MaBop Konkyo-BUFF room vita attack smite.

Kun MaBop PanOh

Kun SokGun ToolTa - Nothing

Kun SokGun KonKyo - Half vita attack spell whole room (slash?)

Kun SokGun PanOh - Nothing

ChaGan TunTunHan ToolTa - Nothing

ChaGan TunTunHan KonKyo - Zerk

ChaGan TunTunHan PanOh - ASV

ChaGan MaBop ToolTa -NOTHING

ChaGan MaBop Konkyo - Slash

ChaGan MaBop PanOh- ASV

ChaGan SokGun ToolTa- Ka like attack

ChaGan SokGun KonKyo - 1/2vita attack(Ka)

ChaGan SokGun PanOh - Sanctuary

ChoonGan TunTunHan ToolTa- SUPER BUFF ATTACK(400vita taken, 3k damage work it out(tester had 5.2k vita total) - 4 way attack

ChoonGan TunTunHan KonKyo - Zerk

ChoonGan TunTunHan PanOh

ChoonGan MaBop ToolTa - KA

ChoonGan MaBop KonKyo - Vita Attack

ChoonGan MaBop PanOh- Sanctuary

ChoonGan SokGun ToolTa - Nothing

ChoonGan SokGun KonKyo - Slash

ChoonGan SokGun PanOh - NOTHING

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I have been looking for quite some time on some information on ChiZao. Unfortunately, not many records were kept from before King Yuri's reign. However, a short scroll I found containing a terribly old language mentioned the words "Chi Zao". I immediately took the scroll to someone who could read the language in my country, and have finally received a translation. However, I do apologize for the delay.

The scroll reads as follows, in common language:

"Master, he was to us. We treated him like our father.

He was the most powerful mage in the world. We were his students.

Master became disgruntled as life wore on. He became dangerous.

Master would do anything to destroy what he did not believe in.

We, the four, performed a terrible deed. We tricked master.

We tricked master into coming into a tomb, far below the mortal surface.

We, the four, combined our power and banished him to that tomb.

We wept for days, as Master was our friend. He was like our father. Using the twelve, we buried the tomb deep within the deepest mountain range. The tomb that ChiZao, no longer Master, would stay until the end of time.

ChiZao must never be released from the tomb. Should he escape, the people will have great misfortune and despair.

ChiZao will attempt to trick the people. He will use the same method we used to seal him in the tomb. Should he trick people, people will become misled. ChiZao wants people to be misled. Distracted.


I may add this scroll to my history collection, the Drifting Winds. In the mean time, I would sincerely suggest that you be careful.

Historian Qantao

"Dear Citizens,

King Senshi has located this old story amongst his private collection, which he felt might have some bearing on the tomb, which Nagnag has uncovered, and taken cover in. I am not sure what it means yet, but it may help to solve the mystery and he has passed it on to me to share with the community. This story must be hundreds of years old, or even older than that. It dates to a time long before Yuri, long before any record I have ever seen. It speaks of the beginning of our age, the age of magic."

- Sprit Guide Eldridge


The Eight Gates

"Deep below the ground in the furthest reaches of the land lays a dark and evil heart that beats eternal. No one knew of the power the decaying body would hold, even this long after death. The crypt alone would not hold the spirit at first, and it started to break free.

The master's students, the guardians who opened the new age of magic, gathered to hold their old mentor in his final resting place. Four mighty seals were placed around the crypt, using magic from each fork of learning.

For decades the seals held tight, and peace was upon the land. The great minds of magic continued to maintain the hold on the crypt, while developing stronger and stronger powers. But the pupils underestimated their teacher; for he knew more about the magic they held than any other soul before, or after him. The crypt began to warm again with power, the seals became weak, and the crypts powers could be felt leaking out.

Once again the four mightiest magic users came together to meet with the leaders of the four kingdoms who sealed the mighty mage. Magic was not the answer any longer, some how deep within the void between life and death his magic was growing. A simple lock had failed in the past as well. Together these eight decided to use a mix of both plans. Each was to forge his or her own key so no one group would have the ability to open the crypt. Each was to hide the gate in the ground so as to be hard to see for anybody who did not know what to look for.

Once the eight gates were in place the crypt grew cold again, and nothing was noticed. Generations went by, and still nobody noticed a change in the dormant master. Still the leaders did not feel comfortable. Each kingdom sent a small tribe to guard the tomb. Each sent equal amounts of men to make sure no one kingdom would have controlling power. In all twelve groups were selected, and remain there to protect the tomb, and the eight gates deep below the ground they slept on."