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Roleplay is the act of immersing yourself into your character. You are not the player, but the character.

So, for example, if you are a Druid, you might greet people by saying "Awen's blessings upon you!" instead of a simple "Hello".

Chatroom-style talking is frowned upon, such as using shorthand talk like "u", "l8r", "lol", and such. Typing grammatically correct (in this author's opinion) is a very easy way of starting on your way.

The Chronicles of the Winds board is a spot in the palaces of all three kingdoms (Buya, Kugnae, and Nagnang) where roleplay-only posts are allowed. This is where most subpaths relay information and prospective students display their intent.

The player-run subpaths are strict on their roleplay, meaning that you must stay in character while in public. Most are lenient about carnages, Sire Pit, and hunting as being out-of-character areas.