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The current members of the Druid subpath can be found here. The current elder of the Druids is Foxfire

You can view the Druid's Tomes of the Earth ((Druid's homepage)) *here*


The Druids were the Magi or philosopher-magicians of the early Celtic civilization. Several meanings are offered for the word Druid including: "a servant of truth" "all knowing or wise man" "an oak" or "equal in honor." Generally a Druid is considered one with gnosis or spiritual. Seasonal celebrations and festivals were adopted and adapted to the new Christianized cultures of Europe -- such as Christmas at the winter solstice and the Druid festival of Samhain or All Hallows Sabbath -- which we now call Halloween. More over Druid beliefs and customs such as kissing under the mistletoe have also been passed down to the present day. So, hence we say that although Christmas in Nexus is not related to ancient Korea, Druids are not so distant from it.

Is a Druid simply a 'Holyman' and one who loves Nature? A Druid is viewed by many people slightly different.

A Druid is neither Good, nor evil. We are neutral, as Nature itself is neutral. However druids can play a darker role or a brighter one, without taking their neutrality aside.

Druids hold the Trees above all other flora as a deity. Druids have an obligation to protect these trees, as well as wild plants, crops, and to a lesser extent, their human followers and animals.

If a Druid observes any creature destroying the flora or fauna, the Druid would unlikely risk his/her life to prevent the destruction. Rather, it is probable that the Druid would seek revenge at a later date, as opportunity presents itself.

A Druid is able to identify all plants, animals, and have the ability to purify water. Druids are able to pass through a forest or shrubbed area unscathed very easily. Druids are immune to the charms from woodland animals. A Druid is able to change his/her form to match any fauna ((we hope to make it possible here in nexus as well))

Druids believe in the eternal nature of the Soul and see a living spirit in all forms of creation. There is an ancient saying attributed to the Druids "Spirit sleeps in the mineral, breathes in the vegetable, dreams in the animal and wakes in man." Druids hold that souls could be contacted after death and that souls reincarnate. The universe is the Druid's living bible written directly by the hand of God.

Druids dedicate much of their time observing, studying everything that surrounds them. Many times when Kingdoms rage in war the Druids are their to see the first to die and the last to survive, we rarely ever participate in the wars ourselves. We come to battles not to see death, we come to observe it many times hidden as creatures of the wild. Wisdom is the greatest asset one can have in life.

Druids are the interpreters of the gods, the judges and teachers astronomers and seers, as well as physicians and healers. Rites and rituals are generally held outdoors typically in an oak grove or around a stone circle.

Druids are friends to all life, may it be man, beast, or plant life. Druids are herbalists, they understand about plants and healing potions. They view the past, the present and the future, either by casting runes or performing flower readings. Druids understand the elements and assist their aspirants in seeing the divine spirit within themselves and indeed within all things.

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