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NexusRadar Icon Name: NexusRadar
Version: 1.1.0
Release date: 06/02/2007
Project URL:

NexusRadar is a realtime map-plotting application which compliments the Nexus game. NexusRadar will allow you to follow your character and see other characters as you travel across many world maps, including Buya, Kugnae, Nagnang, and more!

NexusRadar in action!
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What is it?

NexusRadar is a an application designed by the NexusWiki team as an add-on to NexusTK. It will allow you to track your character across large maps in realtime. It will also allow you to view anyone else who is using NexusRadar the same way!

There are two major parts of NexusRadar, the Client and the Server. The Client is what you'll need to install in order to allow your character to show up on the NexusRadar maps. The Server is just the NexusWiki application which displays any characters who are being tracked and shows them on a web page.

How do I use it?

Easy! Simply Download and install the Client application and run the program. That's it! Then just head over to the main web page and click on the map you are currently in. For the technically oriented or generally paranoid, we also have MD5 sums and PGP signatures for our releases.

72ffa91ef871c5a93a5f8a841c4a824c NexusRadar_1.1.0.msi


See NexusWiki:PGP for more information.

How does it work?

The Client application reads where you are in the game from memory and then sends that information to our Server which in turn displays a beacon to identify your location on the map you are currently on. Think of it just like a modern GPS for Nexus.


Server Development: PhantomSnake
Client Development: Zaventh
Map authoring: AllyGator


Please post any questions, comments, and suggestions on the Discussion page.

For bug reports, please use our bug tracking system at