I'm a NexusWiki contributer and Sysop.

I'm a long time player of Nexus. I think I started playing right after the Shattering (or was it right before? I was there when the Mythic Nexus was just a field of flowers...). At that time I played a warrior (he was called PhantomSnake). I only made level 40-something before I quit. The character was probably purged.

My second character, about a year later, was a rogue (again PhantomSnake). I played quite a bit longer with this character. He was 92 when I quit again. This time I quit because the game was taking up too much time and I vowed never to return. So I deleted the character myself. At this time I also had a mage called TimeMage (creative name, I know) who was around level 55 and I deleted him as well.

Five years later I decided to visit the Kingdom again...

I again created a rogue called PhantomSnake. This time I reached around level 80. I also created a poet called Zlad (bonus points to anyone who gets the reference). He reached around level 50.

And that's when I quit again. It's pretty unlikely I will ever return, but I will try to continue contributing to the wiki.