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Merchant (99)

Gypsy (Il san)

Tradesman (Ee san)

Kashou (Sam san)

Magnate (Sa san)


The current members of the Merchant subpath can be found here. The current elder of the Merchants is Blubber

The official merchant website is located at Here you can see current news as well as the Member of the Month of the Merchant Guild.


A Merchant, simply put, is a trader, one who completes transactions for a profit. Those who belong to the merchant guild however, cannot be defined so easily. The Merchant Guild is made up of a very diverse collection of people. Because of this, merchants have discovered many ways beyond trading, to make a profit. There are many merchants whose primary role is treasure hunting, finding rare treasures, and selling them to make their fortune. Others stick closer to the simple definition of a merchant, and haunt the markets, looking for deals on which they can make a profit. It is because of this diversity, that the Merchant Guild has formed seven divisions. Every member of the guild follows one of these divisions. Daredevil, Scholar, Gamesman, Collector, Tradesman, Seeker or Freelance.

For more information on the Merchant Guild, please consult the Knowledge of wealth, a scroll that can be obtained from any Merchant guide.

Services offered to the Community

Treasure Hunt

Treasure Hunt and Treasure hunt rankings quests, info can be found in the Knowledge of wealth scroll.

Freelance and Recognition quests, also found in the Knowledge of wealth scroll.

Engravements - The current prices can be found on either of the Market boards in Buya or Kugnae.

Unengravements - There is no charge, just fill out the form on the Market boards and send it into a Guide.

Stolen engrave reporting - Send reports of stolen engravements to Warik and he will follow up on it, if the engraving is documented, the name will be added to the Market boards under the heading: Current Stolen Engravements.