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Ranger (99)

Adventurer (Il san)

Tracker (Ee san)

Survivalist (Sam san)

Marksmen (Sa san)


The current members of the Ranger subpath can be found here. The current elder of the Rangers is Salacia.


Without much hesitation, normally you'd hear of the seven skills of a Ranger, or some comment about protecting nature. The truth is, not many people really understand what a Ranger lives for, or the general attitude of the path.

A Ranger, as a person, is generally somebody who understands the part the natural world plays, and its effects on urbanization and civilization. Those you usually meet are likely the types that, though willing to live in cities, choose not to. Most Rangers have never really found themselves in people throughout the cities, but live on what is and what has been given to us in the natural world.

Something that brings out this family is that they're not all the same. There are thinkers, the carefree, the loners, and tons of other kinds of people. A ranger can be who he is; yet they all share one common belief: While civilization expands, we forget about what is not turned into roads and buildings. As people neglect the original poor places, it can become agitated. Eventually, someone must appease it, or we would fall victim to it.

In defending nature, rangers have sectored their skills into the seven. As much as we are defenders of nature, we are talented fighters and guardians. Our eyes are sharp in Archery, while you will never see us when we exercise Camouflage. When all seven are mastered, you essentially find the greatest strategist rogue.

No matter how advanced we become, we need the natural world. Not most people realize this. A Ranger does, and does what he can. Some see Rangers as people who love animals and plants more than humanity. This is untrue...

Respecting nature:

You can interept respecting nature in a million different ways, but this is my view on things. This is a useful tool for new scouts, or people seeking to gain the respect of nature.

Respecting Nature is a very delicate term. It depends mostly on how define the word respect. What is respect to your friend? Your enemy? Your guardians or parents? Think about how it changes.

In this light, respecting nature is a lot like respecting a person. Think of the actions you have taken towards Nature, and try to imagine how your mother would feel had they been done to her.

Respecting Nature entails these primary points:

  • Protecting Nature
  • Knowing and Understanding Nature
  • Not interfering with Nature's course

Protecting nature is something we have always done since the dawn of our existence. Although, we often misinterpret what needs to be protected. Nature does -not- hurt itself, it is a never ending cycle. If a hawk kills a rabbit, it is because nature has let it. Because of this, most of the protecting we ever do is against ourselves! We are the only element that is outside nature in its own group... we posses the ability to define our own path. How often do you see Rabbits striving to become kings and warriors? No.. sorry.. they just eat carrots, mate, and avoid young peasants with sharp ugly sticks.

Knowing and understanding nature is very fundamental. It is important to understand nature, just as it is to know your best friend. If you understood Nature as deeply as I do, you would understand the great respect of magnitude and life that you find laying asleep.

Not interfering with nature's course is the main idea of respecting nature.

The seven skills:

  • Camouflage : The skill of operating unseen. Camouflage is blending in with your surroundings, be it in a city to observe someone or in nature to hunt down a specific prey.
  • Cartography : It is often referred to as the art of making maps. Making maps requires a keen eye and knowledge of your surroundings.
  • Foraging : Gathering specific resources from the natural surroundings. A forager knows where to find anything he needs. Other skills are useful when foraging this in order to more effectively gather the resource needed.
  • Security : Security is perhaps the most abstract skill of the seven. It is used to protect someone or something in need.
  • Tracking : Following footprints, and different clues left behind by someone or something. It is used to retrieve things such as the origin of a disruption in the balance of nature or a person or animal on the run.
  • Trapping : Using traps wisely. Covered in training are most importantly the different physical traps and their effects as well as trapping tactics.


A separate branch of rangers are the scout leaders. They can tour you around any place in the land. The location most often chosen is the wilderness. The goal of such trips is to help people see the importance of the natural world around their cities through the understanding of the beauty that can be found within. The scout leader can be either a guide through the land explaining the facts about the way nature works and historical facts about specific locations or he can be a guard that leads and protects you between two points in the wilderness. As well scouting gives knowledge of the land and perception of your surroundings, for the knowledge to survive in a Life or Death Situation away from Civilization.


The Ranger circle is a part of the wilderness.

Trapper's Paradise is where rangers receive their guests. Trapper's Paradise can be found next to the wilderness weaver's hut. Specty lives in the trees in the west. Up north there are two training areas Renegade's Retreat and Rustic Sanctuary, these two rooms are used to host events where certain spells need to be possible to cast. Angel's hideaway is a small studyroom where rangers drop by to find serenity. Maple is another Ranger NPC.


Rangers host many different games related to the seven skills they specialize in. Normally, an event will relate to a specific skill. The most popular events are the Archery tournament, Conquer and Defend, Crossbow, Ambuscade, Find the Ranger, and Surviving the Bush. The events hosted are an opportunity to show one's abilities in the seven skills, community members are recognized through these and often awarded a branding in the skills they relate to. Ranger events generally have a loose and fun atmosphere. The most notable and popular of them all being the Archery Tournaments.


The items underneath are those created by the path. These can be divided into two categories : Public and Path bonded items. The public items can be awarded to anyone in the community. The path bonded items are the ranger special gear and are reserved to the members of the path. (The graphics were originally designed by the player Daseru).

Services offered to the Community

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Group Scouting with the Rangers