Tome of the K'urimja

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The sacred texts of the K'urimja.

The Unis'ae Noc

Long ago, before the dawn of Time, there were two states of power: the great Light and the eternal Dark. There existed between them a constant struggle for control over the other. The struggle ensued for so long that if Time had existed, It would have come and gone before seeing any change. Although they were in eternal conflict, one power could not destroy the other.

As a result of the Eternal War, each force became stronger and stronger, though always equal to their adversary. It is said, however, that finally one force gained an edge over the other and intended to destroy the opposing force. It is not known which power eventually subverted the other, but chaos broke out before either force could be destroyed and engulfed both powers. The very fabric which held both powers together came undone. The resulting void swallowed the Light and the Dark. Eons of turmoil followed.

The two forces were trapped outside of existence for many more eons. During this time, no universe existed in a way which we perceive the universe now. Each force was outside of time and space. The very line that distinguished the two forces was removed. Slowly, each force became compact and unified. This state is known as the Unis'ae Noc: Where All is None. Finally, the power of the union of the two Great Powers nullified the Void of Nothing. The cooperative result was another cataclysmic event that ripped the Unis'ae Noc into tiny pieces and scattered them across a universe. It is this event that birthed Time.

Gradually, over many thousand millennia, the seeded universe evolved into great powers of Life and Death, and the Struggle resumed. We are all a part of this. Everything in the universe has this Light and this Dark within them. Humans have Life and this enables them to do good, but they also have an equal amount of Death, which makes them capable of great evil. Should this balance ever be upset again, the same void that engulfed all will open once more and devour the universe in which it created.

The K'urimja

We are the Unis'ae Noc. We are the Guardians of the Universe, and the Gatekeepers of Life and Death. We are the Everlasting Fulcrum: the givers and the takers. We will build, restore, revive, and renew. We will kill, destroy, desecrate, and devour. We have been charged with the ultimate responsibility: to preserve.

We are the Masters of Fate. Free Will bends to our demands. We take into our hands the universe at the smallest level and form it into our will: the Golden Path. We take by force the reins of humanity and steer it onto the proper course. The path is a fragile line, an axis running through time down through a globe of human events and existence. To deviate from this path is to end all. It is this path that ensures the balance of the Powers and prevents Arafel: the Struggle at the End of the Universe.

The wind that blows by you; the glimmer in the corner of your eye; the reason you feel nervous in the dark; the reason you seek comfort in light: we are the K'urimja, the whispers on the tongues of all who live within and without this realm. Mysterious, mystic, dancing in the light, but walking in the darkness: all these words and more describe the K'urimja, and yet none can truly capture them.

We walk alone on a purpose, a terrible purpose. Few ever understand our motives or comprehend our desires. Even fewer recognize the terrible sacrifice to walk the Golden Path. Most will just live out their lives oblivious, unaware of the greater powers at work around them, around all of us.

The Golden Path

I walk down a narrow path. Where am I going? What am I going to find when I go there? I can only tell you that I have never reached the end to this day.

Trees glistened to the left of me. In the trees, birds chirped and squirrels playfully tended to their acorn hordes. The sun shone brightly above the trees, and blue skies could be seen between the many branches. The echo of playing children could be heard in the distance. I saw a lovely woman sitting in a bed of roses, singing a song with a magnificent voice. I decided to step off of the road to talk to her, as she was very beautiful. I walked up to her and said "Greetings." in a cheerful tone. She said nothing, and continued about her singing. I then put my hand on her shoulder, but she did not feel it. I then blew on her neck, and she said only "I love it when the breeze blows so soothingly." I sighed and headed back to walk upon the path I had been for so long.

Lava flowed to the right of me. A wasteland from any nightmare was all I could see. A dark red glow was where I expected the sun to be, and the sky was nothing but a black and grey eternity. I could hear people screaming in agony as I walked along. I saw a massive beast, one that would most likely crush me, approach a band of wounded peasants. It lifted a young man high in the air with one claw and crushed him, his remains oozing down the beast's arm. It then headed for a small girl and did the same, except it dropped the girl's remains into its mouth. Horrified, I drew my blade and stepped off of my path, onto the scorched earth. In a swift motion, I thrusted my blade deep into the beast. It yelped and turned toward me, yet just stared in confusion. Thinking I was to be killed, I thrusted my blade into it again, and it cried out in pain. I finished it off with a series of slashing blows, watching it crumble to the ground. The peasants that were left watched the battle in amazement. After the battle concluded, I greeted them and asked them if they were alright. They only said "It looked like that beast's own shadow was fighting it! I have never seen such a thing in all of my life," and walked away. Cleaning my blade, I turned back to the only path I had ever known.

I have always wondered why this path I walk has no color. It is simply an eternal path of grey rocks, grey dirt, a grey hooded figure carrying a grey blade, walking on, eternally.

I tried to become part of the world on my left, the world of light, of kindness and serenity, yet have always failed. The only existence I have there is the occasional gust of wind.

I tried to become part of the world on my right, the world of darkness, of evil and chaos, yet have always failed. The only existence I have there is the occasional "miracle" or so the world's inhabitants call it.

As I was walking along the path one day, I noticed a change ahead of me. Something different than the past millenniums of walking was ahead of me. Nearing, I made out a small cave in a grey hillside. I entered this cave and saw a dark figure with flowing white hair ahead of me. Walking around a circle of large grey rocks, I found many pairs of eyes staring at me. A dark figure with flowing white hair, surrounded by two pillars topped with candles, spoke to me saying: "Illusion, you have come. The path has been long. This is a resting point for you. Here you will stay until the path beckons you once more."

I called the place home for quite some time. The path I walked, the path in between the two parallels, taught me all I needed to know. When it was time, I walked the path again, leaving behind the circle of stones and all that I gained from my stay there. I cannot say what that circle really is, yet my best guess is that only those who walk down the path come upon it. I can tell you that my time in that circle is only a fragment of the time that I spent walking my eternal, lonely path, which I still walk to this day.

- The Illusion

The History of Old

An aged woman with white hair and crimson eyes sits on a straw mat before you. She sips carefully from a small bowl of tea, and then beckons for you to join her with a smile.

"So, you wish to know of our history, do you? Well, have a seat, this may take a bit." She waits for you to take your seat, and then continues.

"Well, the K'urimja were a tribe on the outskirts of Han, oh... probably two-hundred or so years ago, long before Yuri's time on the throne, at least. Strange looking folk, they were, though generally courteous in their own right. They had a sort of dark grey skin, and such ash white hair, you'd think they were specters if you saw one at night. And perhaps strangest of all, they had grey blood. I figure that was the reason they didn't associate much with normal folk. They always preferred living in pleasant silence among their kin; they surely had a great love for their tribe.

"If there's one thing they were devoted to though, it was their studies of the mind, body, and spirit. Sasang, Chagi, and Kiun, they called them... 'The Three Disciplines'. Now, they seemed to believe that if they could become so skilled in the Three Disciplines as to perfect themselves, they would reach a sort of enlightenment. And from their studies, you'd best believe those folk gained some skill! 'Course they only ever used it for self-defense, seeing no reason to waste their skill on senseless fighting. Why, they even sent their children out into the wild lands when they were young, leaving them alone to survive and find their way back. Now now, I know what you're thinking, it sounds barbaric. But it sure helped them keep the bloodline strong, culling out the weaker members from the start. Not to mention, those children grew up with a knowledge that not many these days have." The aged woman pauses for a moment and watches your expression with a slight grin. Her grin slowly fades into a frown as she sits in the silence, her eyes now staring into her tea bowl.

"But... content as they were in their little place between here and Han, it would not last. The Han didn't care much for the K'urimja being on their borders after awhile, I fancy it was because of their odd mannerisms and appearance. They didn't want to leave the land that they had called home for so long, though, and so the officials of Han drove them off by force. Many K'urimja died, the rest fled to surrounding lands. Those that had fled eventually learned to find their place among the normal people of the lands, and so their children, grandchildren, and so forth, began to look less and less like the original tribe of K'urimja. Nowadays, you can't see much resemblance at all in descendants, other than such small things as premature greying." She motions a hand over her own white hair with a chuckle. "I'm not as old as I look, you see!"

"The last full-blooded K'urimja in the lands, Charon, knew his race was fading with the passing generations, as was the teachings of old. So he searched far and wide, and gathered to him the descendants of his ancient kin, and poured into them everything he could regarding the original tribe. He called this group of descendants his "Shadow". Among the things he taught them was the ability to find their own kind, other descendants like themselves, as Charon knew he wouldn't be around forever you know. That man lived to a great age, bless his soul.

-Strawbryrain History of Histories

The Twelve

Once Charon had begun to restore the K'urimja bloodline, he chose twelve men who had the purest blood and gave to them everything he knew. Each of them used their abilities together and, under Charon's guidance, managed great forces of Light and Dark. These were the original Shadow. Eventually Charon led them to a secret refuge just outside the cities where they could rest and have fellowship. In this place there were twelve stones, each representing an element, and a Shadow. Legendary trigram keys are said to have the ability to unleash the power of each elemental stone, ascending its wielder temporarily to a higher plain of existence. Over time they called this place "Home."

As time progressed, many of the twelve took wives (as promoted by Charon himself) and had sons and daughters. Many of these were eventually added to the Path, although some strayed and were lost. Those who were brought Home, however, were trained in one of the three teachings, according to their abilities. And so the dreadful fate of the K'urimja was averted.

Shattered, Scattered

The K'urimja have been present on this realm for a thousand years or more. Great accomplishments were made by our ancestors, and they held the forces of Light and Dark at bay for many centuries. Many Yuri ago, however, just before the Great Shift that changed these lands forever, a terrible event occurred. It is story of Orb, Eldridge, Sagu and the Darkstaff that will live on forever. Most, however, do not know the involvement of the K'urimja in that ill-fated plot. We are still not sure as to exactly what happened, but we know that the K'urimja were virtually annihilated. Some speculate that those prescient Kiun drank too deep in their prophecy, and trapped the entire human race into a course of events that would change human history forever. We do know, however, that the balance of Light and Dark failed during this time, and Darkness prevailed and many evil forces scourged the lands. Even Charon was overwhelmed by the quickness Evil built its might. In a desperate attempt to restore balance, the K'urimja and the human race fought to near total destruction, and every living K'urimja perished, save two men: Charon and Gravis.

The Shadow

The Shadow were a mysterious force within the K'urimja whose bloodlines run pure and each member possesses extraordinary, innate potential found only in K'urimja blood. All untainted kindred-blood have the secrets of the Shadow locked away in their genes. Careful and practiced training may reveal and enhance these abilities. Every Shadow can trace their lineage directly back to the original Twelve. In the past, after the near destruction of the K'urimja, only the absolute purest blood-members were found and trained. They were known amongst the lands only as Shadow, for they feared to reveal too much about their heritage.

Now, the Shadow exists as only a shadow of their former selves. After the Great Betrayal, the Shadow became outcasts, wandering aimlessly into all corners of the world. Those who survived still commune directly with Hyun Moo himself, and learn incredible skills to aid their guide of humanity. Unfortunately, only Charon knew the eternal secret to unlock the secrets of the Shadow, and now, like the mysterious of the Shadow, he is all but gone.

"It looked as if the new K'urimja, the Shadow, would thrive forever as their kin were thought to do. But alas, once again they were scattered throughout the lands, this time by the gods (with a little help from a mortal or two). However then, they swore not to let history repeat itself, no longer would they be scattered, lost souls seeking to fill the void that their kin had once held. The descendants had become a family, and didn't want to lose each other again. So, I started a clan, a formal union of K'urimja descendants. Abolishing the cursed name of Shadow, we took on our ancestors' name, the K'urimja, and still today we seek the descendants of the lost original tribe."

--Strawbryrain The Grey Blood

Shaded Wealth

The Triumvirate

The Shadow consists of three teachings which focus entirely on the three aspects of the Tao: body, mind, and spirit. Each part of the three makes up the whole. This is the Balance Within. Shadow work constantly to maintain the balance between The Three so that one component does not dominate any other. This would result in Arafel.

The below diagram illustrates the interconnectivity between the Three Teachings. These form the balance ▼ ("V") triangle which is the geometric representation of the K'urimja. Note the cross-teaching schools when a K'urimja begins to expand their field of intimacy. Cross-teaching is achieved within the main Triumvirate schools and can be pursued there


Chagi are the fierce warriors of the K'urimja. They are trained from birth in the mastery of warfare and weaponry. They will move with stealth and kill with precision. Each is taught the deep Prana-Bindu training, complete control over their body and mind. Every Chagi is also trained in the Tang Soo Do, an ancient style of combat Chagi employ. Their motives may be different, however. Some will be assassins. Some will be knights. Altogether they are fiercely loyal to the Blood and those who oppose it are sure to fall at the hand of the Chagi.


The Sasang are the philosophers of the K'urimja. Some are hermits who lock themselves in eternal isolation to ponder seemingly unanswerable questions. Others are more active and write or speak publicly, releasing their observations and findings to advance science and history. Among these are skilled orators and public leaders. The Sasang take upon the burden of total understanding at any costs.


The Kiun is the most mysterious sect of the K'urimja. Characterized by their ability to interpret aura and dreams, the Kiun seek energy from within the spirit. This provides them a nearly unlimited and renewable source of power. Using this, they are able to manipulate and interpret many mysteries that surround us such as dreams, spiritual energies, and magic

Of K'urimja Blood

After the Great Shift and the forces were once again in balance, Gravis and Charon had much work ahead of them. Endlessly they toiled to restore the K'urimja to what it had been, but the task was daunting. Slowly, one by one, K'urimja blood-members were discovered amongst the lands. Some were the infant children of those who perished, and others kin through their ancestors whose potential lay for centuries in recession.

Much time has passed now since that event so long ago, but the process is never-ending. Still we seek and find lost kin who have the courage to walk the Golden Path.

Language of Grey

In the first days of the Shadow, the Language of Grey was devised by Charon and given to the Sasang to keep his communiqués to the K'urimja secret. However, this language was never written and, as a result, was lost in history forever. Only Charon still knows that ancient tongue. During the time of InSu a new language was redeveloped and has since been used as the official language of the K'urimja.

The Shadow Cloak

At the dawn of the Shadow Era, when Charon came to the first twelve K'urimja, it is said he was robed with the Moon and the stars and the black emptiness of time from which he emerged. When Charon guided Elder Gravis, he bestowed to him a great gift on the same magnitude. A cloak, intricately and expertly woven, was designed by Charon himself from his shimmering silk strands of hair. Amber extracts and Midnight's Reigns were used to shroud the wielder into darkness, and added drops of stars shone light from within. Gravis wore the cloak with honor, and it gave him strength. Only those who reveal extraordinary marks of the K'urimja bloodlines ever achieve such a blessing.


The K'urimja nature is characterized by power, intelligence, and mystery. Each individual K'urimja embodies these characteristics. Though the K'urimja are largely oriented on a single goal, the K'urimja clan is actually quite individualistic. Many K'urimja have conflicting tastes, tendencies, and desires. Some will hide in the darkness of shadows while some will shine brightly the light they carry. Some K'urimja will come and go, never to even understand their blood-wealth. Others will find Home and dwell for many ages. Some will write many scrolls and poems, others will speak many words. Some will fight in wars and lead armies; still others will meditate for days and pray. The K'urimja embodies all these things and more. When you firmly grasp this, only then will the true essence of a K'urimja be revealed to you like a drop of light on a pool of darkness.


Yuri 64, Moon 9 - Zaventh Xvarine
This book was inspired to me by Charon himself. History, both past and future, will prove the nature of its validity. Charon took me into the desert and tested me. Upon my success, I have been charged with restoring the K'urimja to its historical and purposeful form. There may be those among you who cannot remember a time before Elder Gravis guided our souls into the nexus of the future, but I assure you there were many before him. Since thus we have been convoluted. The K'urimja have been progressively deteriorating from within. It was hard to observe this in the past, but I think the consequences are clear enough in our times. We are on the brink of complete dissolution from all forms of existence. You may say now that our demise has brought no affliction upon our lands but I assure you Arafel is there. I have seen it coming like a ship sailing in from the horizon. This is our highest priority, and it is why I have returned to you now.

The K'urimja exists only to serve. We serve the Fate of the human race. Without our kindness, humans would die. Without our malevolence, humans could not love. Nothing must stop the Golden Path our ancestors walked to well. Some believe we are not human, but this is not entirely accurate. If anything, we are more human than anyone. Think of it as an observational distance from which we must be detached in some ways from the human race in order to properly assess humanity. It is this detachment that gives us our mystique, our obscurity, our power. Never let us again forget, however, that true power lies within the inner balance of the universe and all else is pretense. Charon has given us our power but we must assume the responsibility of our existence. Our deviation from purpose has nearly destroyed us. Let our lessons be learned in our fallen brothers and sisters so that we may not suffer the same fate as the Unis'ae Noc.

May this text serve as only a guide, an example of that which must be first achieved in ourselves. May these words guide you on your Quest Within, your searching for the Golden Path. Like this Tome, we exist on a temporal plain-always shifting and changing. Though I may never again speak to you again so plainly as Charon has enabled me in this document, may you hold fast to words he has given you through me. May Charon guide us forever and ever.


  • Arafel - Literally "the struggle at the end of the universe"; the result of a future without the Golden Path where all things will cease to exist.
  • Chagi - One of the Three Teachings exercised by the K'urimja; represents the Body and power. Key focuses include war and weapon mastery.
  • Charon - Founder and Guide of the Shadow path; literally "the Equilibrator"
  • Equilibrator - see Charon.
  • Golden Path - The forced balance of human events in order to preserve order in the universe.
  • Kiun - One of the Three Teachings exercised by the K'urimja; represents the Spirit and mystery. Its masters are most noted for their ability to interpret dreams and aural energies
  • Kian - The cross-teaching between the Sasang and the Kiun
  • K'urimja - Ancient word for "Shadow"; the original name for the tribe which Charon chose to take up his Golden Path
  • Language of Grey - The language for the Shadow path originally developed by Charon in ancient then lost; has since been redeveloped during the InSu crisis and is still used as the formal method of communiqué between the Shadow.
  • Sasang - One of the Three Teachings exercised by the K'urimja; represents the Mind and intelligence. Most noted for their highly attuned speech and rhetoric abilities.
  • Prana-Bindu teaching - Advanced teaching connecting the mind to the body. Masters of this teaching have complete control over their physical self; primarily employed by Tsol.
  • Qui - The cross-teaching between Chagi and the Kiun
  • Sa Era - First known appearance of Charon K'urimja in history; time of nomadic tribal civilizations which were based on the hunter-gatherer philosophy and where genealogy was of supreme importance.
  • Tang Soo Do - Advanced fighting formed employed by the Chagi.
  • Triumvirate - Reference for the Three Teachings; guide by Three
  • Tsol - The cross-teaching between the Chagi and the Sasang.
  • Unis'ae Noc - The name for the state in which the two Forces of Light and Dark did not exist until their combined strength brought them back into existence