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The Shadow subpath was one of the original 12 Subpaths of Nexus. It was created with the others during The Shattering, and was founded by Gravis. The Shadow path was one of mystery. They were dark and haunting, but not necessarily malevolent; sometimes they were the kindest creatures you ever met.


Unlike other paths of its time, the actual role-play was relatively contested among it's members. The Shadow role-play was open to interpretation by each member to a certain degree. A similarity would have been the embrace of and need for balance. The type of "balance" not much unlike the same balance Geomancers or Diviners speak of. The Shadow essentially maintained balance in the Kingdoms, and also on broader scales. Sometimes this would require a Shadow to align themselves with individuals or ideals that were perceived as "Good" or "Evil". The Shadow referred to these extremes on their moral spectrum as "Light" and "Dark". A Shadow's nature was to remain neutral. They were between the "Light" and the "Dark", commonly known as "Gray". "Gray" was nearly synonymous with the Ohaeng teaching.

Those who took no time or care in understanding the intricacies of the Shadow could easily have been confused by their actions and it was not uncommon for them to be misunderstood.

Post-Quota Roleplay

Later, in order to adapt with the Quota which Nexon placed on all the subpaths, the Shadow path attempted to change its role-play. Several Shadow conceived the idea of Three Teachings which Kaymat expanded on greatly. This teachings consisted of Chagi for body, Sasang for Mind, and Kiun for Spirit. Regardless of the founding of this new role-play, tensions within the newer leadership lead to the Shadow disbandment.

Shadow Spell List

Walker Spells: Dazzle 15 second paralyze, effects the targets that lie on the immediate 4 squares around the caster.

Fuddle Targetable; makes the targeted perform a random expression.

Shade Invisible trap.

Hear footsteps Lets caster see a persons name who is close to you.

Guide Spells: Cut purse Targetable, makes the targeted drop a small amount of his/her money on the ground.

Enshroud Makes any individual in the 4 squares around the caster invisible.

Shadow dye Gives the Shadow's dye.

Bind shadows Creates a Shade blade out of a Steelthorn.

Elder Spells:

Elder sage Sage in Kingdoms.

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