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This page seriously needs to be spruced up...

I moved the old main page to Getting Started. Set up an initial draft for the new main page. The idea was to present information to the reader right away. Readers who frequent the wiki will not want to see a greeting every time, but instead get some news perhaps. The items under "Recent Events" should really be links to articles about the events. Once the events become old news they could be moved to the History page. Any thoughts?--PhantomSnake 19:17, 28 Jul 2005 (EDT)

I don't know...

I'd rather not have a news section. There are plenty of other sites for that. I'd actually be more tempted to have a portion of the Recent Changes page on the main page. --Zaventh 19:34, 28 Jul 2005 (EDT)

How about this?

Ok, so news is not a priority. I removed the "Recent Events" section and replaced it with a "Random articles that we need" section. It might help kick-start things. What else could we put on the main page? There is plenty of space yet, especially if we use tables.--PhantomSnake 20:51, 28 Jul 2005 (EDT)

Failed Domain Move/Upgrade

Well, I bought the domain. I tried moving the domains and also upgrading to the latest beta version of mediawiki. Everything worked fine except the domain transfer, which kept reverting to instead of At any rate, I restored the database back to its latest version so continue to use for now.

Excited about Progress

Hey guys,

I'm just wanna say how excited I am about this project. I'm gonna help out when I can with it, and I'm really hoping it gets approved by KRU. Good luck and I'm going to write an article.



Great, that is the idea. Hopefully if everyone contributes what they can, this wiki will grow rapidly and become a real unique resource to Nexus.


This is a great idea for a site, with massive potential for growth. I love it because it allows every day players (like myself) to get involved and help. I like the idea of having the main page so some recent changes\additions so people can see what is being worked on and maybe add\review those changes.


NexusWiki is now an officially recognized fan website!

I'm happy to announce that KRU Interactive has approved NexusWiki and listed it on their official community page! This means we're cleared to promote the website in-game.--PhantomSnake 22:02, 8 Aug 2005 (EDT)

Animated gifs

Hey everyone,

How do we get animated gifs to put on the wiki. I'm thinking it'd probably be cool to get some animations for spells/items/monsters(maybe). It would spruce up the site for sure. Other than that everythings looking good. I'm dying to see the items section grow and become tables.

Good luck everyone, LordChrono

About animated gifs


Animated gifs can be uploaded and displayed just like any other image. The problem is getting our hands on those animated gifs. Nexus Atlas has a bunch of them but we can't use them without permission. However, it wouldn't be too difficult for us to make our own animated gifs. What you need to do is take screenshots in the game of all the frames of animation for a particular thing. An alternative would be to rip the graphics from the game data files, but that's a bit more tricky (and may not actually be all that useful for some things that are animated by pallete swapping — the Flameblade's glow, for example). Then, use a program like Animation Shop to piece them together into an animated gif. It's tedious work but it can be done.

--PhantomSnake 21:00, 10 Aug 2005 (EDT)

On News Articles

I think have "interactive" wiki news articles is a good thing and will be even better as we compile more and more content on the wiki itself. However, I think we should restrain from making news actual wiki pages. For example, "Restored_Purged_Chars" or "NPC_Subpath_Change" don't really merit acticles I don't think. Articles should be oject oriented ie. "NPC" "Subpath" "Purge" would all be articles. We should try and keep the actual news stories limited to just the main page and link to relevant articles within the story. Old news could be archived to archive pages but again, I'm not entirely sure that is necessary when you look at the scope of the wiki itself. Current events on the main page is great and the wiki content to back it up would be excellent, but creating a "news site" is pushing the boundries of the scope of the wiki in my opinion. Thoughts? --Zaventh 13:55, 4 Nov 2005 (EST)

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Well we need some way to post news without having to create pages for it. I mean, Restord_Purged_Characters doesn't need to become a page. The whole reason I added those news articles, and whatnot on the main page was this: First, nexusatlas was down so people needed somewhere to see the news. Also, I think that with a wiki it could be very good to post the news, since anyone can update it. Just cause other sites have news doesn't mean we can't. Their news is usually outdated. Also, the main page hasn't changed in ages. It really really needs spruced up. As for the pushing the boundaries of the scope of the wiki, I think it needs done. As of right now we really don't offer much that isn't offered somewhere else. Don't get me wrong, this wiki has the potential to be a great thing. But as of right now it is barely ever used or visited. People go to the popular "trademark" sites, because they have no reason to go to the wiki. We have nothing much different to offer people, except the chance for them to input a ton of information for practically no reason since it can already be found at nexusatlas. Also, yes this is wiki site, but does that mean it needs to just become a dynamic nexus encyclopedia? I think if you choose to just be a site that defines nexus terms than a lot of potential is lost. I mean, most people don't need to visit a website to look up "NPC" Anyways, feel free to delete the news pages, bugs, projects, suggestions, etc. pages that I created. I really don't mind. It was all a desperate attempt to breathe some life into this site. --Scum 19:39, 4 Nov 2005 (EST)

Thoughts as well

I really love this site. Just because I work for NA doesn't mean I can't help out with various things here. Today I've added a few things, as well as a bunch of minor edits. Don't let this site die - let's keep it going!

On News Again

When I first started the wiki, Phantom and I talked about a news section. I still think even today it could be a powerful feature of NexusWiki. To resolve the problem of having like 1000 news pages on various events, I think Scum is right. We need a single "News" page. This can easily just be located at News. This would be a single page with headlines of recent events, linking where possible to relevant NW articles. To do it effectively, however, I believe we'd need a group of "dedicated" news people, kind of like NA/NTK. Otherwise, we couldn't assure the quality and timeliness of our reporting. News two days after everyone already knows is kind of pointless. Therefore, anyone who is interested in this idea, please contact me. Any thoughts are also welcome. --Zaventh 09:58, 22 Dec 2005 (EST)

Huzzah for NexusWiki

Another possibility is to do a daily or weekly "featured article" like many of the other wikis...with information about the topic directly posted to the main page, separate from the highlighted articles. If there's a major event going on, that featured article can be replaced with easily updated information about what-we-know-so-far. It means no requirement for a news staff, or at least an interesting placeholder until we build up enough users to have the volunteers to make that feasible. And kudos to you, Zaventh, to get this thing going, as well as all the others who first got it off the ground. I've been wondering how to host a wiki for Nexus, but now I don't even have to worry about that part! --Ahante 00:45, 26 Jan 2006 (EST)

Re: Featured Article

A featured article is definately a good idea. I like the demo one you set up PS. It provides a slightly different approach than the news service offered by NA and NTK and incorporates well into the wiki. --Zaventh 09:13, 30 Jan 2006 (EST)

New Main Page

I reorganized the main page a bit. Now it's similar to the main page on other wikis (like Wikipedia and Homestar Runner Wiki). It's obviously rough right now... The content we had on the main page doesn't fit too well into this new scheme. I'll fix it up some more soon. I think having a "featured article" is a great idea. We just need someone to update it! --PhantomSnake 00:25, 27 Jan 2006 (EST)

NexusWiki banner

I put together a banner for us to give other websites so they can link to us.

Any comments? It's all very easy to change (the images and slogan) so let me know if you have better ideas. Of course, if anyone wants to make an entirely new banner, that's cool too.

Table of contents

Hey guys, thoguht id drop some time on the wiki and help out? just a quick question. How do I add a table of contents?

Re: Table of contents

A TOC is added automatically as soon as you have more than three headers. To add one with fewer than four headers, type __FORCETOC__ anywhere on the page or __TOC__ at the position where you want to have the TOC.


Shouldn't this link Suggest Changes to Nexuswiki be removed as it only redirects to Planned Projects which is already linked to on the Main Page? --Leonis 21:18, 18 May 2006 (EDT)

Re: Announcements

Yeah, I mean it can be removed. I only left it that way because they used to link to different places and "Suggest Changes" might communicate something different than "Planned Projects" to some people so that is why I left both. If anyone has any better announcements, feel free to get rid of it ^_^ --Zaventh 10:58, 19 May 2006 (EDT)

Portal Colors

The buttons on the top look horrendous when formatted with 4 different colors. Try making them the same? --Hiro

Is it any better now? I personally liked the original design best.-- PhantomSnake 20:24, 30 July 2006 (EDT)
I kind of liked it myself... --Zaventh 14:31, 31 July 2006 (EDT)
Why purple, Zaventh? =\ The way I had it originally each path had its totem colour. I don't see what purple has to do with anything. Also, the shade of purple you're using is much darker than the colours on the other buttons.-- PhantomSnake 19:53, 31 July 2006 (EDT)
Hmm.. I think, upon re-examining them, that it didn't look very good when the white rogue button brought you to a blue rogue section, or when a red mage button brought you to a red mage section... Personally I liked them when they were all that light blue color. *shrug* --hiro

Well, I made them all blue now. This is probably the best compromise. You make a good point though, Hiro... I think each portal should have a different colour scheme and then the buttons should match those schemes. But I don't see that kind of design being accepted any time soon. Some people here seem to be afraid of colour.  ;)-- PhantomSnake 14:52, 7 August 2006 (EDT)

News Again...

When are we going to start reporting news?? I think having the News + all the other information we have already will bring many more to NW, not to mention we will be able to link articles in the news to pages on NW so in case they dont know what something is they can just click, thats a huge plus that NA/NTK does not have!

--SterlingPK Mog - Ur My Contributions 12:33, 12 August 2006 (EDT)

I haven't played for... A few years. When did the character designs get changed?

I really liked the old ones better... - 1UpCheatachu