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This article is marked as Removed. The information here may show historical information that is no longer present in the game.

A player controlled Nexus Character that assists other characters by teaching them skills and helping them through the low levels of the game. A Mentor will cast the Mentor Spell on a new character while they are between levels 3 and 8, and the new character will be asked if they accept the caster as their Mentor. If they agree, and once the new character reaches Level 15, the Mentor will receive one Karma point after recasting the Mentor Spell. As a non-registered player cannot progress beyond level 10, the new character must be registered to a paid account in order for the Mentor to complete the task and receive the Karma point.

The mentor spell can be learned from your Guildmaster once you have obtained Level 40.

Cost of Mentor Spell

Path Cost
Mage 1 Death's Head, 1000 Coins
Poet 1 Wicked Staff, 1000 Coins
Rogue 1 Moonblade, 1000 Coins
Warrior 1 Maxcaliber, 1000 Coins

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