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Crafting in terms of Nexus, is the ability of one individual to transform raw material into either other processable materials or an item that they can sell which has increased in value. Although the end result of crafting may result in items that are more valuable, within the current Nexus economy people cannot turn a profit without a significant amount of skill. It is a general belief that profits are realized once a user gets above the "Grand Master" level.

While crafting, players will progress through certain levels available. Here are the current levels that players must go through:

Novice -> Apprentice -> Accomplished -> Adept -> Talented -> Skilled -> Expert -> Master -> Grand Master -> Champion -> Legendary

Although it is possible to become Accomplished in most crafts, a player must specialize to surpass this level.


Mental (Mage & Poet only)

Alchemist Alchemy
Scribe Scribing


Fishing Fishing
Mining Mining
Woodcutting Woodcutting
Farming Farming




Carpenter Carpentry
Jeweler Jeweling
Smith Smithing
Tailor Tailoring


Food preparer Food preparing
Chef Cheffing

Crafting Limits

Ways To Advance Faster In A Craft

Please note that none of these tactics have been confirmed 100%

  • Always perform your skill during your Totem Time.
  • Use crafting tiles if they are available.
  • If your clan has a crafting room try to take advantage of it. These rooms normally have a bank NPC allowing you to craft without having to leave to acquire additional raw materials. This can decrease travel time while crafting which may be largely beneficial in the long run.
  • Concentrate Gathering skills on a single character. For example, do not do woodcutting on all 4 characters. Instead, concentrate on one character and transfer the materials you get to the character you will be doing that craft on for Ee San culture or the Poet Sun quest. Also if you both Mine and Smelt on one character and need to get Ee San on a different one, continue smelting on the same character.