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Level Spell
Level 5 Gateway
Level 7 Invoke
Level 7 Lay hands
Level 9 Recover
Level 11 Spark
Level 12 Purge
Level 14 Harden armor
Level 15 Vital spark
Level 17 Singe
Level 18 Remove curse
Level 21 Valor
Level 22 Ignite
Level 25 Heal
Level 28 Annoint
Level 29 Approach
Level 30 Sanctuary
Level Spell
Level 31 Remove viel
Level 32 Return
Level 33 Endear
Level 34 Cure Paralysis
Level 38 Summon
Level 40 Mentor
Level 40 Revitalize
Level 45 Inspiration
Level 45 Remedy
Level 48 Atone
Level 50 Fortify
Level 53 Second Sight
Level 56 Retribution
Level 60 Barrier
Level 60 Inspire
Level 68 Call of the Wild (Catipillar)
Level Spell
Level 70 Scourge
Level 72 Call of the Wild (Panda Bear)
Level 74 Earthquake
Level 75 Human Barrier
Level 80 Heaven's Kiss
Level 81 Call of the Wild (Fluffy dog)
Level 85 Harden body
Level 88 Dispell
Level 90 Call of the wild (Wild monkey)
Level 90 Flare
Level 90 Share Wisdom
Level 95 Water of life
Level 99 Call of the wild (Gorilla)
Level 99 Ressurect
Level 99 Restore
Level Spell
Il san Healer's revenge
Il san Stream of life
Il san wind dancer
Ee san Bolster
Ee san Dishearten
Ee san Essense of life
Ee san Hyun moo spite
Ee san Wind warrior
Sam san Charge of life
Sam san Deteriorate
Sam san Ensure
Sam san Wind master

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