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Wilderness Revealed (May 30, 1999) The long awaited expanse between Buya and Koguryo opens for exploration and discovery. With the stunning landscape (a map as large in size as Kugnae) comes:

  • Over 50 new maps!
  • New goals, spells, and recognition for powerful members of every path
  • Return of the Tiger Palace
  • Return of the By the Sea quest
  • Two new dungeons
  • Several new quests, including some involving no combat
  • Several new crafting skills
  • Several new items, including some with new graphics
  • New enemies, including new AIs

More details and screenshots will be provided as the Wilderness draws closer...

(May, 1999) Between the civilized communities of Buya and Kugnae lies an expansive, untamed wilderness. What secrets does it contain? What new dangers await?


From Buya at South gate From Kugnae At North Gate


Totem Shrines

Craft Locations


Special Places

Subpath Areas