The Gold Path

From NexusWiki

To walk between the realms of light and dark, to dwell in the void that lays between them.

To seek to reach into one realm, and be a shadow upon the wall. Not disturbing a creature or being within that realm. To quickly turn and try to become a part of the other half, seen as monsterous and overwhelming, yet still disconnected.

You ask of the Golden Path, I tread the tightrope between the two, not one with either side of the realms, but a balance of the two, the joining of the spheres that several will never see, nor comprehend.

You have creation and destruction, neither can survive without the other. Yin and Yang, birth and death. We are the walkers of the planes in between both, striving to balance the realms around us, even without the notice of either side.

The Golden path has no beginning or no end, it has no boundaries and no set shape. It is an endless path we walk, to find our true place within ourselves.