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Spy (99)

Mercenary (Il san)

Assassin (Ee san)

Saboteur (Sam san)

Emissary (Sa san)

Also known as the Koguryo Spy Guild (KSG), or simply "The Guild". The organization was founded by Thomstel.


The current members of the Spy subpath can be found here. The current Elder of the Spy Guild is Scud.

Introduction to the KSG

The Past

The Koguryian Spy Guild, also known as the K.S.G., was formed in the fall of Yuri 27 by Thomstel. Thomstel was an Assassin, born before the great shift. The emblem of Khan was made during that time. All initiates and members of the K.S.G are given a scar, a branding to show their skill. This symbol is worn with pride and passion. The Koguryo Spy Guild of the old days was an unquestionably elite collection of individuals. (Some of their names - Hobart, Chongun, HanSu, spyVSspy, Levos, Spades, Lobodato, Hook, Nagnag, Vegitto, Bitwise, Knuckles, InTersTaTe and Xentri.)

Uncovering the KSG

Agents of the KSG are often revealed by an X-shaped scar somewhere on their bodies, most frequently the arm, and it would not be wise to boast of having such a scar were it not given to you by the KSG.

The Hierachy

The 'Elder' of the KSG is often referred to as the "Premier". Under the direct line of command of the Premier are the Guides (Also known as the "Junior Premiers").

The Koguryo Spy Guild since its founding has dominated espionage in the Kingdoms. The guild has had a few more notable rival organizations in its time; there has been a long-standing tension between the organization and the Koguryo Royal Army. Spies were formerly not allowed to serve in the army, though the BIA and later the Nagnang Army made use of their talent. Recently, however, it seems the relationship between the Koguryo Royal Army and the KSG is warming up. The KSG has also had a longstanding rivalry with a group named Black Thorn, which makes an appearance from time to time. Members of the KSG are unlikely to speak about their work openly; it is not uncommon for them to use a "cover" instead of discussing their true profession.

Significant KSG Member's works

The Bear Emblem A letter from spyVSspy to Levos.

Levos, By now you have received my gift, a little token of my respect for you and your guild. I hope it will fit nicely in your collection, as it always has in mine. All I ask from it is that you read the story of how it came and a little of myself.

Aye, it was several Years ago when this great emblem became mine - but the story of it may be greater than the item itself. I was a young but wise rogue at the age of 18, but my fame outgrew my age. I was known, but only by the right people. My parents were never around, my mother I never met and my father was a crafty rogue himself, always doing his own thing - perhaps it runs in the family.

It was from him and an older brother that my inner and true skills became apparent. My start was no different than any other rogues, stealing a few coins here and there to support myself. Then one day a man approached me, he said he had been watching me. He was a grisly man - probably in his early to mid 40's. The sun was setting in the east and a slight drizzle dampened my hair. I proceeded to ask what he wanted from me, he stopped me short of completing my sentence and asked one simple question - a question that changed everything and forever molded my future.

He asked "Are you ready?"

At this point it seemed like a waste of my time and I was ready to turn my back and proceed with my business. As I began to turn he grabbed my shoulder and asked me again -

"Are you ready?"

On any other night I would have whipped my trusty blood out and asked him if HE was ready, but something caught my eye. On his lower right pocket hanged a medallion, but this was no typical medallion. The medallion was one that could only be worn by the leader of a clan, and a great clan at that. Somewhat confused I let him continue. He told me of his troubles with a rival clan, the Bear Clan. For many years the two clans had been in several fights and infinite disputes, he stated. Still not sure of what he wanted, I asked.


This is when the deal was presented to me, and it became apparent that my name had truly gotten to the right people. The deal was simple but the task was not, he wished to bring great humiliation to the Bear clan in response to what they had done to him a few weeks earlier. I quickly asked him what he was willing to give for this and what exactly he wanted. What he felt would be the greatest triumph to him was that if he could get his dirty little hands on the Bear clans Emblem, a far from simple task. He offered me One million coins for this, which was a large sum of money for someone my age. I would have taken the deal, but being the rogue I am I pushed him to one and a half million.

For several weeks I watched over the Bear clans hall seeking weak points and noticing guard switches. After five weeks I was ready, it was not simple but I knew I was ready. Midnight was approaching and the guard changes were being made. Under the cloak of darkness and the clouds blocking the moon I snuck around to the back and with stealth cracked a window open. As I slid into the hall I could hear the guards coming around to take their posts in the back - I had made it in safely.

Much to my surprise the inside was secured much less than the outside - they had obviously over-estimated the ability of their guards or perhaps under-estimated mine. After making it inside I had little difficulty locating the emblem, as I had paid a new Cub a small fee to tell me its location. The emblem was already rolled up so I simply tucked it under my arm and ate a ginseng piece while I took a small break inside waiting for the next guard change. The next change was at 4 in the morning, right in time to make it home before day break.

Getting out was not as clean cut as making it in, while slipping out the window I had entered from a guard caught me in his peripheral vision. Yet being the agile man I am I was able to slice his throat with my Blood before he could even say a word. Even with this slight delay I was still home before daybreak.

By the next Afternoon I was already starting to hear stories of the great heist. Two days later I made the trip over to deliver my end of the deal, but much to my surprise the old man was unable to uphold his. He told me he was unable to pay me the money I had earned and that the simple fact that the emblem was stolen was enough to please him. Without second thought... I killed him, as the last bit of life slipped from him I told him that "NO ONE backs out on a deal with me and lives for tomorrow."

As I walked away I was upset that I was not paid, but in the end I had gained great experience, ended a worthless clan, and gained a great trophy all in one nights work. A trophy that I now relinquish to you, are you ready? I am, as always.

You, Levos, are the first to hear this story. Why? Simple, if told to another, enemies would be made and alliances lost, both are something that would never be to my benefit. With this emblem comes a bond of secrecy - never tell a soul of this story. I have confided in you and you alone. I hope I have not wasted your time, because I do not like mine wasted.

-Spy vs Spy-