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Nexus Spells

Spells are what each path in Nexus revolves around and determine what type of abilities a person can have in the game. Each path has its own unique set of spells, and there are general spells for all paths as well as specialty spells.

Spell Alignment will change the names and graphics associated with each spell. It can also determine the effects of some spells in specific situations.

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Path Spell Lists

Warrior Spells
Un-aligned Warrior Spell List
Aligned Warrior Spell List
Chung ryong Spell List

Mage Spells
Un-aligned Mage Spell List
Aligned Mage Spell List
Jujak Spell List

Poet Spells
Un-aligned Poet Spell List
Aligned Poet Spell List
Hyun moo Spell List

Rogue spells
Un-aligned Rogue Spell List
Aligned Rogue Spell List
Baekho Spell List