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Monk (99)

Sammasati (Il san)

Karuna (Ee san)

Samaruhi (Sam san)

Bhavana (Sa san)


The current members of the Monk subpath can be found on the NexusTK website, but a more detailed list can be found on the Monk List from the official Monk Website, Bodhi Sanctum. The current elder of the Monks is Jasna.


1 Greta Y21-Y31
2 Devion Y31-Y42
3 Janken Y42-Y63
4 Sinchan Y63-Y68
5 Berig Y68-H13
6 LiShen H13-H39
7 Collyn H39-H54
8 Kimberlee H54-H63
9 Jasna H63-


The Monk subpath area is located in Dae Shore coordinates 40, 8. This area includes four rooms: Wisdom's Ascent, Bodhi Sanctum, Lotus Dojo, and Tomes of the ages.


You say you would like to read a little about the Monks? Our path is a little bit different than the others which also shows in our history. It all started when Greta founded a new Sangha in the kingdoms based upon the philosophies of Siddhartha Guatama known as The Buddha.

Our particular Sangha has much more freedom than the traditional ones. Buddhism can either be followed as a philosophy, or a religion whom Siddhartha is depicted as a deity. We welcome both, and I believe we have about half and half. Anyone can follow these virtues to take a step towards inner peace; unfortunately we can only allow those that follow the Poet's path of healing to join our group.

Among the many texts that can be read, the two that we focus on teaching and being comprehended are The Four Noble Truths, and The Eightfold path. Most of the other texts facilitate the learning and understanding of these which are said to be the path to enlightenment and Nirvana.

We are much more than a group of bookworms seeking inner peace though, we are a great family. That is one of the reasons that we have always had so many members. The Monks have always supported each other with quests, moral support, or even just a shoulder to cry on.

There are four titles that a Monks have: Monk - All of these titles do not really affect who the person is which is why the names were written the way they are. One is not better than the other as many people will remain just Monk in their title for quite a long time. Sammasati (Il San) - Right Mindfulness is the seventh factor in the Eightfold path. Karuna (Ee San) - Compassion is the deep awareness many have of others' suffering and wanting to relieve it. Samaruhi (Sam San) - Ascended means to have moved upward to another level, but not necessarily meaning to have become a Boddhisattva. A Boddhisvattva is one who has reached enlightenment, but chose not to ascend to Nirvana, but to stay in the realm to help others reach enlightenment.

There are a few items that Monks can earn that make them a little distinct walking around the kingdoms. They are by no means easy to obtain, but many work hard and earn these.

The first of course are the Straw Hats that we forge for each other. They are much lighter than a traditional helm, however with the blessed straw we use they are just as protective. The large circumference of the brim works great for keeping the sun out of your eyes, you can still feel the breeze on the back of your neck, and your field of vision is not impaired like with heavy metal helms.

The next takes a nice amount of trials and patience to earn: The Lotus blossom. It is one of the symbols of our path. Lotus blossoms grow deep in the murkiest swamps, however the bloom beautify seeking the sunlight. For this reason we look to the Lotus and show that we too can turn out just fine even though we don't live in a perfect world.

Destiny Spears are probably the most distinct symbol of seeing a Monk, but they are also the hardest to obtain. They were intended to aid in traveling. They are a great walking aid, and the spear-headed tip is excellent for defense. If you would like to one day hold something like this, you have much work to do.

All of us are in tune to the karmic ways of balance which lets us peer into the souls of others and read their karmic level. We have the ability to bless food and drink to increase their healing potency by half. You can ask any Monk for these services, and once in a while you will see a group of Monks holding small service events at a well traveled gate.

Among the many years our path has persevered, our scroll has gathered a great collection of important texts, stories, vision experiences, koans, and many other writings. You can pick a copy of The Wandering Monk from your kingdom's library, and in the Bodhi Sanctum in Wisdom's ascent at Dae Shore at the price of 1,000 coins to cover the materials to scribe it.

Monk Elder Berig