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Welcome to NexusWiki!

NexusWiki is a wiki for everything related to NexusTK. And since it is a wiki, anyone with an appropriate account can create, edit, or modify all the content.

Imagine a site where you get to be the webmaster. You, the player, know the most about NexusTK, why not pool together all the knowledge out there into one single resource? Instead of searching through countless n-mails, board posts, or dated website information, NexusWiki content can be created on-the-fly anytime, and dynamically updated.

Please take a few minutes to read the Guidelines and FAQs. If you want to practice adding information to the wiki or test a new feature, please play in the Sandbox. Please take a few minutes to read the Guidelines and FAQs So get started and help contribute to the (soon-to-be) most complete NexusTK resource!

If you need help, please contact one of the Sysops by leaving them a note on their Talk page.