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The following guidelines will help NexusWiki maintain a high level of service and quality. You must follow these guidelines to use NexusWiki. If you cannot comply with ALL of the editing guidelines, you may not edit this wiki. Anyone may, however, use this site as read-only. Continued use will imply acceptance with the following guidelines and their implications:


  • The first and foremost step to editing is to read the Templates page and make sure you have all the revelant information on your edit and that you use the standard format.
  • When editing a page, it is important to try and make it as organized and effecient as possible. Please do your best with grammar, spelling, etc.
  • For ALL game terminology, please use the proper case. For example, it is a "Flame blade" not a Flame Blade or flame blade.
  • Do not simply copy information from other NexusTK websites without authorization. This means don't copy information and just add a source credit, either.
  • Please do not use a signature at the end of edits. This usually just causes uneccessary kinks in the formatting. It is also highly probably your content will be revised by someone else. Signatures are highly advisable for Talk pages, however.
  • It is extremely important you validate all information. Do your best to make it as accurate and reliable as possible. NexusWiki is not a place for rumors or information which cannot be easily and publically verified as accurate and true.
  • All edits should not be baised and should not include personal opinions. Repeat: should not include opinions. If you have a suggestion that would be beneficial to the individual reader AND the entire Nexus community, you should include it and make it clear it is only a suggestion.
  • Profanity is not tolerated. Personal attacks, harrassment, general slander, etc is also not permitted in any form.
  • Do not reveal the mortal characters of Immortal players.
  • Anything posted to this site is subject to the Free Documentation License. Do not post copyrighted works here. Copyrighted images are fine, as long as you cite the copyright with the image.


If you are going to be uploading images, please take a moment to read the following guidelines. Don't let the large block of text below intimidate you! It's really very easy to upload images.

  • Do not take images from other NexusTK sites without authorization. This is common courtesy.
  • Do not remotely link images. Upload them using the Upload form.
  • Name the image descriptively as it would be found in the game. Don't append or prepend any additional information to the image.
  • Use underscores in place of spaces. (If you try to upload an image with spaces in the name, NexusWiki will automatically replace them with underscores for you!)
    • "Dark_amber.png" instead of "Darkamber.png"
    • "Buya_north_gate.png" instead of "Buya.north.gate.png"
  • Capitalization for items, places, etc. should be as it is in the game.
    • "Rat_meat.png", not "Rat_Meat.png")
    • "Sanhae_Valley.png" instead of "Sanhae_valley.png"
  • Capitalization for something else should follow the rule that only the first word is capitalized.
    • "Winning_an_elixir_war.png" instead of "Winning_An_Elixir_War.png"
  • Allow NexusWiki to handle special characters when you upload. For example, if you are uploading an image called "Bekyun's_spear.png", the wiki will rename it to "Bekyun\'s_spear.png".
  • For images of equipped items, NPCs, enemies, places, etc. take a JPG screenshot of it in the game (use Left Shift + Scroll Lock) and clean it up and crop it with a graphics editing program (e.g. Photoshop, Paint Shop Pro). Size it down to under 10k for items and under 100k for screens and save it as a PNG preferrably.
  • Use a transparent background. This while ensure it looks properly on all wiki pages and is very important! You may have to add an alpha channel to do this.


  • Please take care to find and use existing categories. If no appropriate category exists, please use the rest of the guidelines when creating a new category (such as naming conventions).
  • Always use the "lowest", most specific category available. Use Category:Warrior shields vs. Category:Shields if it is a warrior-specific shield, for instance.
  • Distinguished vs. Non-distinguished categories: Categories in NexusWiki help define the logical structure of articles and their relationship to each other. Thus, many categories will have sub-categories. Generally, you will want to use the most specific category available when categorizing an article. For example, a Magical dust should be categorized as Category:Rogue head armors instead of just Category:Head armors. This is considered a "non-distinguished" category since a Magical dust can only be used by Rogues. On the other hand, Category:Vortex accessories is a "distinguished" category that helps define those items, but each item in this category should also always have the parent category Category:Accessories defined as well. This is because being a "Vortex accessory" is a distinguishment on those items and does not otherwise separate them from other accessories at large. For more information on Distinguished vs. Non-distinguished categories, see this article on Wikipedia.