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Game Master

A "Game Master" is a person who is placed in charge of monitoring the actions of players in a roleplaying game.

In NexusTK, the GM is responsible for everything which happens inside the game. They design and implement new features, as well as perform administrative duties such as addressing player complaints and enforcing the user code of conduct.

A Game Master is not to be confused with an Archon, which is NOT an employee of KRU Interactive.

A Game Master is also known as a 'Dream Weaver'.

List of NexusTK Game Masters

Orb: First GM of NexusTK. Beta. Was responsible for much of the orignal design of NexusTK. Worked for NEXON INC 1996-1999.

Grin: Replaced Orb as GM of NexusTK. Worked for NEXON INC 1997-2000.

Kismet: Replaced Grin as GM of NexusTK. Worked for NEXON INC 1999-2000

Eldridge: Replaced Kismet as GM of NexusTK. Worked for Nexon originally as a Delphi; became GM in 2001. (Not to be confused with the event character "Eldridge" who appeared during The Shattering). Was "laid off" in December 2004 for unknown reasons.

kru: Became GM of Nexus TK when Eldridge left.

mug:Current GM of NexusTK.

Other KRU Interactive Employees/Entities

Wony: The user name of Sang-Baek "Scott" Lee, President of KRU Interactive. Currently acting as GM of Nexus.

Thoth: Head of NexusTK Technical Support during Beta.

KRU: A character used by the technical support team for testing purposes.

WM: User name of "Wolf", a GM for Shattered Galaxy. Performs Technical support work.

Delphi: A collective name for any of the technical support team which is assigned to NexusTK.

Daphne: User name for an Employee of NEXON INC. who handles billing issues.

Emma: User name for an Employee of NEXON INC. who handled billing issues.

Kevin: The username for Employee of NEXON INC. who handled billing issues. Was thought highly of by players.

Justicar: A GM controlled character which was mildly used in events, but mainly existed to perform judicial duties inside the game.

Yinchuehshan: Originally a technician who was employed by NEXON and tasked to repair a damaged NEXON INC. server. Later was used as an event character by Eldridge.